New Zealand is an absolutely spectacular country, full of breathtaking natural wonders and wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From iconic birds like kiwis to rare lizards like the tuatara, this nation is truly one of a kind.

But you don’t need to venture into the remote wilderness to discover parts of New Zealand that are unlike anything that you’re likely to see on the rest of the planet. In fact, there are plenty of amazing sights to be found in what might otherwise be considered suburbia!

Take Dunedin, for example: a hip college town in New Zealand’s South Island populated largely by 18- to 24-year-olds. It seems like a great place to live—but you’d have to be in pretty good shape!

Dunedin, New Zealand, affectionately known as Dunners by the locals, is famous for its absurdly steep streets. Photographs of Dunners may look Photoshopped, but all of the following images are completely real!

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Baldwin Street in particular is considered by Guinness World Records to be the world’s steepest residential street. With just one look at it, you can tell that the competition for this superlative probably isn’t, well… steep!

2-dunedinxuelan_he / Instagram

The street may only be 1,150 feet long, but with a 19 degree slope, walking to the top is quite a workout! Even simply driving up the street in a car would probably be a terrifying endeavor. You’d definitely need to use the emergency brake to park!

3-dunedinrobmcgregor_sales / Instagram

Social media platforms like Instagram have helped to give the street more exposure, as people have playfully manipulated their photos to alter the view of the streets. After all, the homes have to be positioned in such a way that it looks like they’re not tipping over!

4-dunedinKasparschiesser / Instagram

Many Instagram users like to make it appear as though the houses are sinking by taking the photographs at a particular angle. All things considered, they look quite convincing, if more than a little bit terrifying!

5-dunedinMyrojaro / Instagram

Some of the photos are cleverly deceptive, but make no mistake: if you’re meeting a friend at the top of Baldwin street, you are in for a challenge. The people who live there must have ridiculously strong quads!
6-dunedinJemimakate / Instagram

Nonetheless, there is something beautiful and appealing about such a bizarre street. If nothing else, people who live here would be able to say with confidence that they live in one of the most unique places in the world!

7-dunedinDing_Jen / Instagram

It’s telling that, since 1988, the city of Dunedin has hosted an event called the Baldwin Street Gutbuster, in which runners are challenged to race from the bottom of the street to the top before a perilous sprint back down. Dunedin residents are clearly proud of their weird little street!

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