While some of us are pretty good at feeding ourselves, we panic the instant we know that friends or family are planning to stop by for dinner. Sure, ramen and cans of tuna may work for some, but most of us have learned that some guests expect just a little more than that.

That’s why you’ll immediately fall in love with this recipe. It’s so easy, and the end product looks like something you would order at a high-end restaurant!

So, what recipe could possibly combine ease and sophistication? Take a look for yourself…

You don’t have to go all-out in order to create the perfect dish to serve your dinner guests. In fact, you may be happy to know that there’s one amazing dish in particular that doesn’t involve a ton of work at all, but it’ll certainly look like you spent a lot of time on it! First, you’ll need to cut French bread into one-inch slices and put them in the oven to bake.


Next, coarsely chop up six onions and six garlic cloves. Don’t worry about being too precise with this step. Essentially, you just want some thick chunks of onions and garlic—no fancy dicing or mincing necessary!


Now, you’ll want to melt half a stick of butter—or four tablespoons—in a deep pan or skillet. The pan you select is important; you’ll want to make sure the sides of your pan are tall enough to be able to contain the garlic and onions.


Once the heat gets going, throw in the garlic first. Let it cook for a minute or two, and then add in the onions, letting everything caramelize. This whole process should last for a few minutes. After the onions and garlic are tender, you’ll know it’s time to move to the next step!


Once the onions and garlic are caramelized and tender, add half a cup of dry white wine and stir until it’s reduced and a glaze forms. Make sure to stir the onions and garlic so they can properly soak up the wine.


For the next step, add three cups of low-sodium chicken broth. Why low-sodium, you ask? There’s plenty of salt in this dish, so the low-sodium broth won’t overpower the flavor once the dish is finished. (Your arteries will thank you, too!)


Now here’s where things get a bit spicy: add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. It might not seem like a lot, but this will add a delicious, new flavor to the mix, and it should make the liquid mixture of broth and wine a little bit creamier than it was before!


Thank goodness you used a deep pan, huh? Next, you’ll need to add three cups of beef broth; you can let the pan simmer for about 25 minutes. All of those juicy flavors will have time to mix together that way.


Once cooked, season to taste with a little salt and pepper. Some people like the extra kick of a lot of pepper, but others don’t—so just do what you think your guests will prefer. The same goes for the salt!


Next, scoop the soup into oven-friendly ramekins and add the toasted bread slices that you made earlier (remember those?). You don’t necessarily have to toast them in the oven—a small toaster oven will work just fine! Just make sure you don’t burn them.


Then comes the coup de grâce: grated Swiss cheese right on top. About one cup should be enough for all the servings. Go ahead and be as messy as you’d like! Having some cheese hang over the edge isn’t the worst idea.


If you liked that, this next part will have you really excited! It’s time to add some grated Parmesan (the recipe calls for half a cup total). This already-cheesy recipe just got a whole lot cheesier!


Now you’re going to need your oven mitts. Slide your ramekins into the oven and lightly broil your creation until the cheese is melted and browned. You don’t want to burn anything, but the final product should look like this…


The last step is, undoubtedly, the best one: it’s time to dig in! This was a pretty easy way to create a delicious meal, no? Not only that, but it really does look like it was prepared by a professional chef. Your friends will never know the truth!


Check out the full recipe in this awesome video. There are a few intricacies to this delicacy that might be better conveyed by watching the real professional chef prepare it. Just be ready to take a few notes!

This French onion soup looks so good… and it’s so easy to prepare! Be right back—we’re going to buy three pounds of onions.

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