Of all the food available at a supermarket, fruit is by far some of the most delicious. It’s basically the candy of the earth: it’s sweet, juicy, and best of all, it’s good for you!

Everyone has their favorites, but even people who have been eating fruit for years are probably unaware of the most efficient cutting techniques for each one so they can get the maximum amount of deliciousness in every bite.

Here are six simple and effective ways to slice open some of your favorite fruits. You’ll never eat them the same way again!

1. Orange: Oranges are some of the most rejuvenating fruits around. Whether you eat them by the slice or you’d prefer a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice, they’re both refreshing and delicious. If you want to cut an orange in the most efficient way possible, first slice off both of the ends and discard them. Then, take your knife and make an incision down one side of the fruit…

Using your fingers, open up the incision almost like you would a book. As you can see, all of the slices are perfectly laid out on the rind. No more digging into it with your fingers and ruining the pulp. The only thing left to do now is eat!

2. Avocado: Some people tend to avoid these fruits because they are high in fat, but fear not! It’s the good kind of fat that our bodies need to operate properly. The best cutting technique for this delicious food starts with slicing the avocado into quarters and removing the hard pit in the middle.

As soon as the pit is taken out, the rind will peel right off of the back of each slice easily, and you’re now ready to enjoy! Just make sure that the avocado is ripe, however, or you’ll find yourself picking remnants of the fruit off of the skin.

3. Mango: Mangoes are some of the juiciest fruits you can buy, but most people don’t know this simple trick to getting the most flavor out of each one. Start by cutting it into large pieces and removing the inner core.

Then, using an empty glass, slowly slide each slice down the rim. The glass will act as a cutting instrument to remove the tough rind on the outside. This is so much easier than trying to maneuver a knife along the edge. Now, go enjoy your freshly cut mango!

4. Strawberries: One of the best things about this delicious fruit is that they’re small, so you can eat them on the go without making a huge mess. But, you probably never knew that you can use a straw to make them even easier to eat! Start by inserting a straw into the bottom of one, and slowly pushing it through the middle toward the top.

If you’re careful enough, the straw should come out the other end—along with the green leaf on top! Now you don’t have to worry about needing to discard all the inedible tops. The only thing required of you is to gather a bunch of them and enjoy!

5. Kiwi: Kiwis are delicious, but many people tend to avoid them because they can be a little awkward to navigate if you don’t know the proper cutting technique to get to the yummy goodness in the middle. Start by slicing both ends off, but watch your fingers when you do it!

Now, stand the kiwi upright, and use a spoon to carve the inner fruit out of the fuzzy rind. Go slowly so you don’t cut into the fruit itself; after you’re done, the entire thing should pull out with ease. The best part is that there’s no core to worry about!

6. Watermelon: Summer just isn’t complete without this succulent fruit, but its size can make cutting it a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never seen it done before. The easiest way to tackle it is to start by slicing the entire thing right down the middle with a large, sharp knife.

Now, turn each half onto its face and make horizontal and vertical cuts in the rind. If you’ve done it correctly, you can now pull each piece out one-by-one and start eating! See? It really wasn’t that bad, was it?

Let’s face it: there’s definitely no wrong way to eat fruit. But if you master these cutting techniques, you’ll find that you won’t be throwing as much away, and that means more food in your belly! Watch the video below for more detailed instructions of each of the techniques above…

The best part about these methods is that you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to master them. They’re all so easy to learn!

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