There are few things worse for a homeowner than discovering an infestation of ants. Not only do you have to deal with unwelcome pests, but you usually have to pay a professional to spray dangerous chemicals all around your home.

However, with just a few basic household items, you can save yourself the money and frustration of finding an exterminator to handle the job.

One man figured out a way to control an ant infestation by using the very thing that they’re after in the first place: sugar!

As a homeowner, dealing with an ant infestation is one of the biggest hassles imaginable. Not only is your living space full or creepy critters, but finding a professional exterminator can be expensive! However, one man cleverly figured out a cheap way to get rid of ants using basic household items—and you can easily replicate this hack!

The first thing you’ll need is boiling water. It doesn’t have to be any particular kind of water, either; tap or bottled will do the trick. Just make sure you have at least a few cups of it ready before you tackle your bug problem.

The next thing you’ll need to get is six teaspoons of sugar. Sugar might sound like an odd choice considering it’s usually the ingredient that attracts ants, but once you see what it’s used for, you’ll understand why it’s necessary…

The final thing you’ll need to equip yourself with in order to take down the army of tiny invaders is everyone’s favorite common household disinfectant: Borax. Even if you don’t own Borax, it can be found at most convenience stores, and it isn’t expensive.

You’ll also need to locate an old, empty spray bottle to hold your finished product. Make sure that the opening isn’t clogged, though; you’ll want to be able to spray as much of the mixture as possible at one time!

Now that you have all of your ingredients ready, start by pouring the six teaspoons of sugar into a container that can withstand the heat of the boiling water. Any glass or ceramic drinking mug that you have in your kitchen will do.

After the sugar is placed into the mug, add six to eight teaspoons of the Borax right on top of it. You can use heaping teaspoons, since it’s the ingredient that’s going to end up killing the bugs and stopping the infestation.

Now, pour the boiling water into the mug and stir the entire mixture together thoroughly. Make sure that all the sugar and Borax dissolves before you pour the mug of liquid into the spray bottle. If there are any large clumps, they will clog up the bottle’s opening!

After the sugar and Borax dissolve completely, it’s time to add the secret ingredient: honey. This makes the fluid even sweeter, which will help to attract all the pesky creatures. You’ll be luring them right into your trap, and they’ll have no idea!

As soon as the honey is thoroughly mixed into the solution, you’re just about ready to tackle your bug problem. Watch the entire video below to see what the next few steps are, and you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to rid your home of ants!

You probably had no idea pest control could be so easy and safe. Those ants don’t stand a chance!

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