You’ve probably heard nutritionists and your fit friends talk about the benefits of superfoods. These are food items that are super-rich in nutrients and support over-all health, but the definition of a superfood isn’t exactly strict, so, in reality, some of these products may have less to offer than others.

As much as everyone raves about fancy foods like kale and quinoa, few meal choices are as “super” as one the most basic items in the produce aisle: celery. That’s right, call off that trip to the fancy Whole Foods!

Celery might be delicious when lathered in peanut butter and raisins, but it’s also hiding a ton of amazing health benefits. It might just be the mightiest superfood on the block!

Celery isn’t necessarily considered a trendy “superfood,” but when you hear what it’s got to offer, you won’t look at it the same way again. It’s packed with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients that everyone could use a whole lot more of in their daily diets. 


Typically, we think of celery as a conveyance for deliciousness like peanut butter and blue cheese, but it’s pretty great on its own. That said, if you are trying to feed celery to your kids and they can’t handle the taste, a little peanut butter or almond butter is just fine! 


When it comes to celery’s nutrient profile, just take a look at the facts for your average stick. Celery is a snack that won’t put a caloric dent in your day, but it will still give you a good serving of protein, fiber, and a healthy dose of vitamins. It doesn’t get better than that! 

03-celery-benefitsDr. Axe

Celery is also jam-packed with vitamin A, which helps with blood pressure and is great for your vision. Vitamin A doesn’t only do those things, but it also helps boost your immune system and it plays an important role in cell division production! 


Not only does celery resemble our bones, but it’s also helps them stay in shape! That’s right, celery plays a critical role in the development of your skeletal system. In addition to vitamin A, it also contains calcium, which helps keeps bones nice and strong. 


For the fellas, it’s also great for sexual performance and prostate health. It even acts like a natural energy drink after exercise, as it’s full of water and vitamins. Move over cucumber water, there’s a new hip workout water in town.


Celery has a compound that protects against cell mutations, which makes it great for keeping cancer away. Is there anything that this amazing little green stalk of goodness can’t do to help our bodies and nourish us on a regular basis? 


Why would you not want to add celery to your afternoon snack? It is good for sure, that has been covered, but it’s also really delicious and really versatile! You can serve it in so many different ways and it still packs a nutritious punch once it passes your lips. 


I had no idea celery was this healthy. If Popeye replaced those cans of spinach with stalks of celery, he might still be around!

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