Amateur photographer Joshua Gold was understandably nervous when he crept inside the abandoned Leonard Hospital in Troy, New York. As a passionate photographer of abandoned buildings, he was used to the anticipation that struck him each time he found a new building, but something about that night felt different.

He thought the long-abandoned facility would be a great place to take some cool and spooky photos. After all, there’s a reason abandoned hospitals are often the setting for scary movies. But Joshua had no idea what was really waiting for him inside.

As he made his way through the corridors, he heard muffled cries that appeared to be coming from somewhere very close by. He wanted to run, but something inside him told him he had to press on. What he found would trap him there all night long…

When amateur photographer Joshua Gold first entered the abandoned hospital, everything seemed fine. A little spooky, but fine. He concentrated on capturing the eerie scene of the abandoned hospital and tried to shake the feeling that he wasn’t alone in this allegedly empty hospital.


It was clear he wasn’t the first person who had explored this abandoned hospital. Every room he entered showed signs that other people had been there before him. There were even tags and garbage covering the morgue itself, transforming it from a scary place into just a messy one. hospital YouTube/Joshua Gold

But as he went further, he became aware of a strange mewling cry coming from deep inside the hospital. Everything in his body told him that he should run, but as an explorer, Joshua knew he had an obligation to see this thing all the way through. 


While most people probably would have been long gone by this point, Joshua pressed on. When he reached the third floor he realized the sound was coming from inside a heating vent. He stacked up old chairs and used his phone to look inside.

What he found was almost impossible to believe. There was a kitten trapped at the bottom of the vent. He had no idea how the kitten could have possibly gotten stuck down there, but there was an even bigger problem. While filming the cat was easy, Joshua could see no way of getting the kitten out…

cat YouTube/Joshua Gold

Because Joshua wasn’t supposed to be in the building in the first place, he didn’t know who he could to go in order to get help for the kitten without getting in trouble himself. To see what Joshua was forced to do to bring this story to a conclusion, watch the video below. 

You never know what you might find when you wander into abandoned places like this these. Sometimes you go in the hopes of getting a great photograph but you walk away with so much more.

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