Eggs are delicious and one of the most multifaceted foods in existence. They’re used in practically every cooking and baking recipe under the sun, and there are tons of different ways to prepare them as a meal.

Whether you like your eggs sunny side up, poached, or scrambled, the possibilities are endless. What’s more is that this near perfect protein source can also add a little entertainment to your meal…

Just take these four simple tricks you can perform with eggs, for example. Once you see how easy they are to pull off, you’re going to have to try them yourself!

Everyone has had to deal with eggs going bad at some point in their lives, but if you don’t have the carton with the expiration date to show you when they’ve spoiled, you can use this trick. All you have to do is fill a glass with water and place an egg inside. If the egg is still good, it will sit on the bottom. If it has gone bad or is near expiration, it will begin to rise.


If you’re looking for an interesting way to spice up your regular hard-boiled eggs then you’ve come to the right place. To begin, cut out a strip from a beverage box. Next, place a still-warm egg in the center and fold the box. Then, take a chopstick and press it down into the egg and secure it with a rubber band on either side…


Now, leave this in place until the egg is completely cooled. When you remove the chopstick and the egg from the beverage strip, you’ll have a heart-shaped hard-boiled egg. These are perfect for adding a little love to an otherwise ordinary breakfast.


If you’ve been to the doctor lately, they’ve likely told you that it’s important to cut back on cholesterol. While eggs are certainly good for us, the yolk does contain more cholesterol than you might want in a given meal. That’s why eating just the egg whites works for some people. By squeezing a plastic bottle, you’ll be able to separate the yolk from the egg white without getting your hands dirty, in a flash!


For the fourth egg trick, you’ll first hard-boil an egg. Once it has cooled, tear a small hole in the bottom of the shell as demonstrated in the photograph below. You can get it to crack by gently smacking it on a kitchen countertop. Then peel the small cracked portion away with your fingers…


Next, you’ll perform the exact same action to the top of the egg. Now, you’re going to remove the egg through this shell without ripping the rest of it away with your fingers, but you’re not going to believe how it is achieved…


See that she removed the egg from the shell without so much as even peeling it? It required no effort at all. Get the secret to this fool-proof method for shelling an egg in the video below. Once you try it, it’s definitely going to become your go-to move!

These are certainly impressive, and so simple. Here’s to playing with your food more often!

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