Eggs aren’t just a part of the traditional American diet. They’re a staple all over the globe. And yet there’s so much most people┬ástill don’t know about them…

One thing people often find themselves wondering about is that white, stringy thing found in the yolk. Well, the answer is way more interesting than you ever thought!

It’s not always visible at first glance, especially once an egg has been cooked.

1-egg-chalazavagabond summer

This stringy, white substance attached to the yolk of most eggs is called the chalaza.

But what the heck is it? Is it even supposed to be in there?

3-egg-chalazaFour and Twenty

Relax! This is actually a sign that your egg is fresh and safe to eat.


There is usually one chalaza on each side of the yolk. They act as anchors to keep the yolk centered in the middle of the egg, rather than settling on one side.


The chalaza also keeps the yolk connected to the egg shell.

6-egg-chalazaCurbstone Valley

Again, it’s completely edible!

7-egg-chalazaOn Sugar

As the egg ages, the chalaza becomes less and less visible, to the point where if you don’t see one, your egg may be going rotten!

8-egg-chalazaBrad Covey

That sure is one healthy egg!

9-egg-chalazaChicky Laura

Now you know to always look for the chalaza when you’re using eggs!

I can’t believe that this is the first time I’m learning about this. I suppose I always assumed that it was just part of the egg whites, but it’s so much more important than I realized.

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