The town of Elgin Park is a bit like a time capsule. With streets packed side-to-side with vintage cars and neon signs blazing across every storefront, it feels as though it was plucked right out of 1950s Americana.

And that’s exactly what Elgin Park is meant to be! The chief architect of the town, Michael Paul Smith, was inspired to build the entire thing—all 15 buildings—himself, as an ode to a simpler time. He only intended for the town to be his own pet project; however, now it’s caught the attention of others who are interested in what he’s doing.

So, how exactly does one man build an entire 1950s-inspired town from scratch? Well, take a closer look and you’ll see that there’s more to this town than meets the eye…

Designed entirely by the hands of Michael Paul Smith, Elgin Park feels as if it was ripped right out of the 1950s.

01-elgin-parkElgin Park

Each and every street is packed with cars and storefronts that evoke the nostalgia of a simpler time.


But don’t be fooled. Elgin Park isn’t everything it appears to be.


In truth, Michael’s creation is actually a lot smaller than the photos may suggest…

It’s actually bizarre how realistic Michael is able to make those scenes look. If no one told us they were models, we would have never guessed! To find out more about this modern ode to history, visit the Elgin Park website and consider donating!

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