For the most part, boarding a ship is considered a safe mode of transportation these days. With all the advances in modern technology and the way they’re constructed, it’s unlikely that something will go wrong, and taking a cruise is a very common choice for a vacation.

All of that safety flies out the window at the drop of a hat when Mother Nature comes into play. When gusts of wind send waves crashing into the side of a ship, there’s no telling what could happen, no matter how enormous or secure that vessel may be.

Recent footage of an enormous ship rocking back and forth off the coast of South Africa is proof of just that. Look at the way the wind tosses that huge vessel around like it’s a feather in the wind, and wait for the moment things take a turn for the worse…

Passersby were recently witness to a frightening sight near a beach in South Africa when a massive ship approaching the coast was suddenly swept up by strong gusts of wind. Footage shows that the ship began swaying wildly back and forth…


A spectator captured video of just this: the ship approached the shore, though, not before struggling to keep its stability. The wind was so strong that not even the enormous vessel appeared to be able to handle the strength of the gusts.


Onlookers couldn’t help but anticipate the massive ship tipping over right before their very eyes as it looked almost weightless while enduring Mother Nature’s vicious force. Much to their dismay, there was nothing anyone could do to help…


The video, which was captured by an extremely startled couple, was posted online with the following caption: “This couple was strolling at the harbor when they noticed the sea was quite rough and the wind was very forceful.”


All the helpless couple and several other onlookers could do was watch and anticipate the inevitable. Just look at the way the forces of nature effortlessly wreak havoc by battering the enormous vessel with disastrous waves…

That ship looked like a feather being swept up by a tornado! What unbelievable footage.

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