True love is an eternal bond that connects two people for their entire lives. If you spend time with a couple that has been happily married for many years, it’s easy to see that they’ve developed a connection that goes far deeper than any other emotion.

This bond can also cause some very unusual and special events to occur in the lives of those lucky enough to experience it. Sometimes, those events cannot be explained, even by science.

Vera and Wilf Russell, an elderly couple from Leicester, England, had an inseparable connection that lasted 71 years! They spent every night together and were best friends since the day they met. They had a love that was so deeply rooted in both of them that, in the end, not even death could change it.

Love may be the single greatest force in the universe. It’s a special bond with another human being that cannot be broken. It’s one of the greatest parts of our human experience, and for some, that experience transcends the physical world entirely.

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One couple that was very familiar with this special connection was Vera and Wilf Russell of Leicester, England. They were married for 71 years, and were best friends since the day they first were introduced to each other.

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The couple met when Harold was 18 and Vera was 16. Harold was in Italy and North Africa serving in World War II during their engagement, and after the war was finally over the two decided to get married.

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Vera and Wilf lived a fantastic life together. They even had two great-great grandchildren!  But, as they grew older Wilf’s health started to deteriorate rapidly. And at the age of 93, doctors diagnosed him with dementia. He was placed in an elderly care facility; Vera was left heartbroken.


Vera visited Wilf as often as she could, but on one particular trip, Wilf no longer recognized his wife of 71 years. His dementia had come in between him and the countless memories they shared. Vera’s heart couldn’t take the pain, and she too quickly fell ill.

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On March 29, 2017 at the Magna Care Home in England, Wilf’s family said their farewells, and he passed away. In what could only be seen as an act of pure love and longing, Vera died only four minutes after Wilf at a hospital several miles away. Her family believed that she physically felt Wilf leave, and it was her time to join him so they could be together again.

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We can only hope that one day we’ll find a connection as intimate as Vera and Wilf’s. This is proof that the bond that eternal love creates goes much deeper than this physical world.

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