20. The Dot Beside an iPhone Camera

purpose-20Ebay / t-driver2015

The little dot is actually a microphone for when you use the back camera.

21. Indentation on a Tic-Tac Cap

purpose-20Twitter / @oxruon

The indentation on the lid of a package of Tic-Tacs is there to serve as a perfect single-Tic-Tac dispenser.

22. The Disc on a Plastic Bottle Cap


If you ever pry out one of these plastic pieces, you’ll notice that the lid still closes just fine…or it appears to anyway. The plastic discs are there to hold in carbonation, and if you remove one, it may seem like your bottle is closed tightly but you’ll find that the soda quickly goes flat.

23. The Blue Side of an Eraser

purpose-22Etsy / StupidQuall

The rumor is that the blue side erases ink, and that’s true…but only on very thick, durable paper. The blue eraser is tougher than the pink side and will tear most normal paper.

24. The Indentation at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle

purpose-24Instagram / weingutfaubel

The common explanation it that this indentation helps a waiter or server get a better grasp on the bottle while pouring. It’s actually to help regulate the pressure experienced by the bottle during the corking process. The sides and bottoms are weak spots, so the indentation equalizes the pressure throughout the bottle. You’ll find the indentation is deeper on champagne bottles because the carbonation causes more pressure.

Wow! These are all super common items, but who ever really stopped and considered what their purpose was? I guess you learn something new everyday!

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