A lot can happen over the course of a century. Both technology and humanity have gone through some pretty drastic changes throughout the last 100 years, and with the pace at which our modern world is advancing, there’s no telling what the next century will bring.

Have you ever taken the time to actually look at 100-year-old photos of everyday things we have today? It’s pretty mind-blowing to see how far we’ve come as a society. Nowadays, we take a lot for granted, but it wasn’t that long ago that our lives were very different than they are today.

Here are 13 pictures of everyday things that looked completely different a century ago. You won’t believe some of them…

1. Dogs: Over the last century, certain types of dogs have been selectively bred and they look much different than they used to. Pugs, French bulldogs, and other similar breeds now have much shorter muzzles, smaller legs, and squatter torsos. To see more breeds, go here!

2. Cameras: There was once a time where you needed to have a darkroom and a lot of patience to develop a handful of pictures. Nowadays, high-definition cameras come on smartphones, and those fit easily in your pocket. Would you believe this enormous camera on the left weighed 1,400 pounds?

3. Bathing suits: Women who lived in the Victorian and Edwardian eras wore heavy wool dresses with capped sleeves when they swam, with stockings underneath. The photo on the right is a solar-powered bikini that can actually charge a smartphone while you sunbathe. Talk about a drastic change!

4. Vibrators: Early models of vibrators used a hand crank for power, and they were presented to consumers as a health aid to cure “female hysteria” and “wandering wombs.” Manufacturers today sell models that are rechargeable, flexible, and very soft on those oh-so sensitive regions.

5. Vacuums: The vacuum cleaner pictured on the left was designed in 1906. Because of its cumbersome size and weight, it needed to be pushed around the room on a trolley. The vacuum on the right is a small, self-cleaning, intelligent robot that doesn’t even require the assistance of humans to do its job.

6. Cruise ships: This manipulated photo shows a startling comparison between the Titanic (front), which, in 1912, was the largest ship ever built, and Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, which was constructed in 2016. The Allure can house nearly 4,000 more passengers more than the Titanic ever could, and it comes equipped with a 1,300-seat theater, swimming pools, dance halls, and an ice-skating rink.

7. Motorcycles: The Merryweather Fire Engine Company in the United Kingdom built the first motorcycle in the late 1800s. It had three wheels, a gasoline engine, and was legally required to travel at no more than two miles per hour in cities and four miles per hour in the countryside. The bike on the right is a robotic, self-driving vehicle from Honda that can travel at high speeds.

8. Airplanes: The creators of the plane pictured on the left, the Philips Multiplane, had it in their heads that the more wings an airplane had, the better it would fly. Of course, that wasn’t the case at all. Orville and Wilber Wright eventually discovered that two wings was the correct amount, and since then, we have developed high-tech planes that have actually broken the sound barrier, like this jet on the right.

9. Camouflage: During the first world war, camouflage was introduced in its earliest forms. The black-and-white striped outfit on the left was known as “dazzle” camouflage, and it was designed to make soldiers more difficult to hit, as opposed to completely concealing their location like the modern attire our soldiers wear today.

10. Phone towers: This complicated building on the left was the Old Stockholm Telephone Tower in Sweden, and it featured 5,500 telephone wires spilling out of every opening. It was so big that, depending on where you lived in the city, it blocked out the sun! Today’s towers are essentially wireless and provide service to millions of people. 

11. Baby strollers: The very first stroller was created by a man named William Kent in 1772, and since then, it has only become more ornate. This elaborate wicker model on the left was designed in 1899, and it was seen as a status symbol among the wealthy. The 2017 Aston Martin model on the right is a much sleeker design and carries a hefty price tag of $3,000!

12. Watches: The earliest version of wristwatches were actually created for soldiers who were fighting during the first World War. There was only a small area of glass in the center to avoid breakage, and the clock’s numbers were painted directly on the metal outer ring. The modern watch on the right is a wearable smartwatch that can do all the amazing things a smartphone can, and it sits comfortably on your wrist. Wow!

13. People: Believe it or not, human beings have also undergone some pretty interesting changes over the last century. Advancements in the medical and nutritional industries have allowed people to live much longer lives. Men are also, on average, four-and-a-half inches taller than they used to be, while the average waist size of a woman in 1917 was a mere 20 inches!

It’s so cool to see how much has changed over the last 100 years. You can’t help but feel excited for all the new things the next century will bring us!

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