Sometimes it feels as if fate isn’t on your side: you’ll pour yourself a cup of coffee only to have it immediately spill everywhere. Or maybe you’re walking to work and you step right into a pile of doggy doo-doo. On days like those, it really seems like the whole universe is conspiring against you, doesn’t it?

That’s why we cherish the times when everything seems to happen perfectly according to plan. When this happens, it can feel like the universe is actually looking out for you! Don’t believe it? Just check out these 23 photographs of people who clearly had Lady Luck on their side!

1. When this amateur photographer stopped to take a few snaps, she rested her phone on the bumper of her truck… and left it there. Luckily, the road was smooth enough that when she realized where she left her camera, it hadn’t moved an inch!

2. This woman was using scissors in the kitchen when she accidentally dropped them. Check out where they managed to land—just shy of her foot! There’s a reason they say to always wear close-toed shoes in kitchen, but with a pedicure that fresh, could you blame her for tempting fate?

3. When a truck in front of him carrying rebar stopped short, this man was forced to slam on his brakes. His T-shirt didn’t exactly survive what happened next, but given what a close call this was, this lucky driver definitely wasn’t complaining.

4. The woman who took this photograph was running about 30 seconds late for work because she overslept. It’s a good thing she did, too; if she was on time, it would’ve been pretty hard to take this snap… from directly beneath the white car!

5. When this driver stepped out of his car, his key slipped from his fingers. All he could do as he watched it fall toward the sewer grate was hold his breath. Thankfully, fate was on his side, and his key landed perfectly on top without falling through.

6. As this woman posed for a photograph on the back of this boat, she had no idea how perfect her timing would be. Clearly, these dolphins and their young calf couldn’t resist an incredible photobomb opportunity.

7. This woman’s little girl simply adored her pet fish. So when she heard the family cat knock over the fishbowl in the middle of the night, she panicked. Imagine how relieved she was when she saw how it landed? Now all she had to do is figure out how to get the poor guy upright…

8. When you arrive home after a long and miserable day at the office, the last thing you want to deal with is some sort of plumbing problem. This woman arrived home seconds before a major disaster. Hopefully she cleared the drain right before it overflowed!

9. Scuba diving is no joke. There’s a reason people have to train and get certified before they are allowed to do it. That said, you can’t exactly get training on how to not have a shark chomp your head off. This is one lucky diver!

10. Some people say that buying scratch-off tickets is a total waste of money. Just try telling that to this lucky player who managed to snag a lottery ticket that didn’t have one losing number among the bunch. It’s enough to make you think about playing the numbers, isn’t it?

11. When you work in construction, accidents can happen—and sometimes they are serious. This roofer’s leg bumped into the wrong end of a nail gun and he was raced to the emergency room. X-rays revealed that he was centimeters away from a shattered knee! Phew.

12. Ask yourself: how often do you look at your toothbrush before putting it in your mouth? If you’re like most people, the answer is “not very often!” Well, after seeing what almost happened to this guy, chances are you’ll be singing a different tune.

13. When you have a craving for some fried chicken, nothing else can hit the spot. It’s clear that the powers that be felt the same way! How else can you explain this miraculous mid-fall save?

14. Have you ever watched a hockey game and wondered if those crazy masks that the goalies wear are really necessary? The massive lump on this woman’s head and her broken mask should definitely clear that up for you.

15. The last thing you expect when you’re driving down the highway is for an axe to come flying at your windshield. But that’s exactly what happened to this driver! Thankfully, their dashboard took the brunt of the impact. Yikes!

16. There’s lucky, and then there’s double lucky—like the owners of these two vehicles. They were probably just looking for good parking spots. They had no idea how good their spots would actually wind up being…

17. This hiker had no idea that their stroll along a new trail very nearly became their last hike ever! That was, until they spotted this deadly rattlesnake moments before stepping on it. That wouldn’t have gone over very well… to put it mildly.

18. These earbuds are all tangled up from having gone through the washing machine and the dryer! But this person didn’t share this photo for that reason; they shared it to express their joy over the fact that the earbuds still worked—miraculously—even after that ordeal!

19. It’s always good to be careful crossing the street, even if you’re on the phone. If you think otherwise, please check out this cell phone user’s near-death experience as she bounced off the door of a passing truck. Ah, youth.

20. This driver surely have to consider themselves blessed for escaping this near-death experience. Meanwhile, the poor tree simply wanted a closer look at the dope ride chilling in the driveway!

21. Everyone knows that spilling liquid of any kind onto your computer usually means that it’s going to be DOA. This ever-so-lucky electronics user has fate to thank for their amazing near-miss!

22. This police officer was so caught up in a high-speed chase that he drove another car off the road while trying to pass a tractor trailer truck. This looks like something out of a movie, doesn’t it? Thankfully, it looked like everyone was okay.

23. This newly engaged woman was doing the dishes when she heard a strange clattering sound in the drain. She impulsively reached down to grab the item—which was the stone from her engagement ring! Guess diamonds are a garbage disposal’s best friend, too.

These people are either all really lucky, or they have real-life guardian angels looking out for them. Talk about some seriously close calls!

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