Regrets are an unfortunate part of life. From missing out on fun opportunities with friends to not pursuing their preferred career path, some people simply can’t justify their bad decisions.

On the other hand, there are some regrets that only affect the immediate future, like running a red light or ordering the wrong menu item at dinner. Luckily for most of us, there isn’t a camera around to capture the moment you realize you’ve made an error.

These 13 people and animals weren’t so lucky, though. If you’ve recently done something that you regret, than feel free to commiserate with these poor, unfortunate souls…

1. Sure, becoming a parent is likely one of the greatest accomplishments in any person’s life, but fathering 400 children is a completely different story. Looks like he’s going to have to work overtime on the hamster wheel to pay for their college tuition!


2. At some point or another, everyone has gotten a fountain drink at a restaurant and mixed all of the different sodas to make one disgusting, bubbly concoction. This, however, is not recommended. So much for the vitamins in milk!


3. This poor dog was just trying to take a quick nap in the sun, but he got too ahead of himself. “This definitely looked a lot more comfortable when Mark was lying on it. Can someone get me out of here, please?” Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


4. Okay, here’s the thing. No matter how much you love a condiment, there’s never a reason to get its name permanently tattooed on your skin. Not to mention, mayonnaise has a way of sticking around on your body in different ways, you know…


5. People have a tendency to skip over the important questions in life, especially when they think they’ll remember the answer in the future. Maybe this person shouldn’t have been so cocky, though. Let’s just hope they remember the password for their ATM card.


6. You see so many people driving on the highway with the same old bumper stickers. Now this guy has the right idea! It just makes you wonder where he got this sticker. Maybe Chevrolet of Tulsa was selling them…


7. Well this is an unfortunate situation to be in. You have to think that this cat’s human is hoping he hasn’t suddenly grown opposable thumbs and the ability to lift inanimate objects. “Nice, guard kitty. Nice, guard kitty…”


8. People suggest getting your children into arts and crafts at a young age. Whoever thought it was a good idea to buy these young kids those markers for their birthday, though, is definitely regretting leaving them unsupervised. Let’s just hope that ink isn’t permanent.


9. Look, not everyone has the ability to look great in every single picture they take. Save your judgment for someone else, because this poor kitty has it pretty rough. That’s a smile that only a mother could love, for sure.


10. Here, a nice dog demonstrates how to properly do the doggy paddle on a human slip and slide… and on a human. “I just wanted to join in with my favorite person in the world!” Maybe he should’ve paid for swimming lessons.


11. This catnipped-out kitty looks like he’s seen Scarface one too many times. His owner can attest to that with all the scars that are probably on his face from getting scratched when their deals went awry. “Put the briefcase on the ground and slowly back away.”


12. Sure, putting your tiny chihuahua on top of your Roomba and letting him take a ride sounds like a good idea in theory, but then you realize he’s dragging something strange all over the house. Let’s just hope that’s Nutella and not something else.


13. It’s important that cats learn not to drink out of their owner’s cups and bowls. You know, since they don’t have thumbs and can’t hold onto it properly. It could potentially end in a horrible way… as this photograph proves.


Everyone’s done embarrassing things in their lives, but these pictures should definitely make you feel a lot better about your life decisions!

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