It’s not unusual to possess a morbid curiosity about serial killers. Even though we’re undeniably repulsed by their actions, their grisly behavior, simultaneously shocking and fascinating, raises a lot of questions. This also helps to explain the enduring popularity of the true crime genre.

Still, for as infamous and well-documented as the crimes of serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy are, even diehard sleuths don’t know everything about these vicious criminals.

That’s exactly why we’ve collected these 17 facts about serial killers that are sure to pique your curiosity…

(Warning: This story includes graphic details about serial killers and their crimes.)

1. Jeffrey Dahmer: In a documentary entitled The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, it’s mentioned that Dahmer used to give people in his apartment building sandwiches that could possibly have been made from human flesh. Pamela Bass, who lived there and ate his sandwiches, fears that she probably consumed body parts.

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2. Rodney Alcala: He was nicknamed the “Dating Game Killer” because he was a contestant on said game show while in the midst of his famous killing spree. The woman who was paired with him on the show later claimed that she refused to go on a date with him because he came off as creepy.


3. The Gainesville Ripper: This grisly serial killer had a penchant for posing his victims in a manner that would further amplify the goriness of his heinous crimes. Whether he did it for his own satisfaction or to simply scare the police when they arrived is still unknown.

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4. H.H. Holmes: Famous for killing many young people who arrived in Chicago during the World’s Fair, Holmes was known to have had a connection to several medical schools. After he slaughtered his victims, he would often sell their skeletons to these schools, which would use them for research. The school administrators had no idea the skeletons came from murder victims.

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5. Dennis “BTK” Rader: This vicious killer would often stalk his victims before committing his crimes. He would hide inside of their homes, often sleeping in their bedrooms, and wait for them to arrive before pouncing on them.

6. Robert Pickton: When he was captured, this heinous criminal confessed to killing 49 women, though he admitted that he’d like to have gotten the number up to 50. More disgustingly, he used to grind up the bodies of his victims and feed their remains to the pigs on his farm.

7. Ted Bundy: Undoubtedly one of the more infamous and prolific serial killers in history, Bundy was said to have killed 36 people. Ironically, he once worked at a suicide hotline, where his job was to talk people out of killing themselves.

8. Ted Bundy: Additionally, when police initially reported to Bundy that his kill count had reached 36 victims, he told them they’d have to add a number to get the truth. That meant that he killed in the triple digits… or so he claimd. Did that mean adding a number to the end or the beginning, though? That changes a lot. Yikes.

9. Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez: While it’s known that Ramirez would break into his victims’ homes through unlocked windows and doors, his interaction with each one was different. He would occasionally steal valuables from his victims, too.

10. Joey “The Cannibal” Methney: The owner of a food stand, Methney would often mix the flesh of his victims with the meat of cows and then serve it to his customers. “If you mix [them] together no one can tell the difference,” he once said in an interview.

11. Ed the “Co-Ed Killer” Kemper: In 1973, Kemper confessed to killing eight people. While serving his sentence in prison, he narrated several books on tape for the blind. Additionally, he was in charge of the program at his prison benefitting the blind, and he even won two awards for his service.

12. Jeffrey Dahmer: This prolific serial killer is said to have not worn glasses during his murder trial because eye contact made him severely uncomfortable. It makes you wonder if he liked having a headache more than looking someone in the eye.

13. Jeffrey Dahmer: Shockingly, one of Dahmer’s victims nearly escaped. Even though he’d had a hole drilled in his head, his victim managed to flee from the killer’s apartment onto the street and began pleading with bystanders and police for help. Following close behind, Dahmer was able to convince police that they were a couple who’d just gotten into an argument. Then, he brought the victim back inside and killed him.

14. Henry Lee Lucas: While being interrogated for his murders, Lucas was asked by the police why he didn’t barbecue and eat his victims like his partner, Ottis Toole, had. To this he responded, “because I don’t like barbecue sauce.” 

15. Albert Fish: After his wife left him, Fish learned that he was somewhat of a masochist. He claimed to actually enjoy shoving needles and pins in his anus and scrotum in order to feel the pain. Talk about nuts!

16. Albert Fish: Additionally, Fish penned a letter to one of his victim’s family members, in which he bragged about how tasty their blood was. While he had initially intended to kill the woman to whom he wrote the letter, he eventually decided to kill her brother instead.

17. Richard Chase: As was the case with many serial killers, Chase had a penchant for trapping animals, though he took it a step further. Not only would he eat the animals raw, but sometimes he’d mix Coca-Cola with their bodies and make the world’s most disgusting milkshake.

True crime fan or not, these facts are sure to send a shiver down your spine.

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