Performing an act of kindness gives you an instant rush of happiness. And when you see the look on the face of the person you helped, you realize the effort it took was well worth it. It’s truly encouraging.

But what if you do something kind, knowing that you’ll never get to see the outcome? That’s exactly what a farmer in Minnesota named Fred Pitzner did.

See, when Fred wrote his will, he knew he was going to change the lives of his townspeople forever. But he had no idea just how much of an impact he would make…

Retired, childless farmer Fred Pitzner was dearly missed upon his passing by both his family and other residents of Gaylord, Minnesota. Yet before he died, he made sure that he could do one last thing for his beloved community.


In his will, Fred generously left the Gaylord EMT crew with a state-of-the-art ambulance that was worth almost $200,000. The gift came as a complete surprise to everyone, and the crew could not have been more thrilled.


The medical team knew that they could get a great deal done with as advanced an ambulance as the one that they were given. Yet Tom Webster, the president of Gaylord Ambulance, had a great idea for how to reuse their old model now that they no longer needed it.


The EMT crew could have easily just sold their old ambulance. After all, it was still in great condition and perfectly functional. Yet instead, they decided to do something that would make the world an even better place. It was a way to honor Fred and his pay-it-forward philosophy…

Fred’s generosity is something we could all learn from. Imagine how much better the world would be if we all paid it forward?

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