They say that good fences make good neighbors, but they’re still not always the prettiest thing to have in your backyard. That is unless, of course, you’re one of these people.

They took their regular old yard fences from blah to beautiful with some truly amazing creations that you’ll surely want to try out yourself!

1. You can decorate your fence with old purses and beach bags.


Add hooks to your fence, hang the bags on them, and you’ve got yourself some lovely planters!

2. Add some color to your fence with painted cans.

3-fence-beautyCiera Design

Grab some cans, peel off the labels, rinse them out, and paint them with bright, vibrant colors. Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom of the cans for drainage.

3. Use shoe organizers as garden holders.

You can plant a different herb or vegetable in each pocket!

4. Add some glass jars.

Add a small LED candle to glass jars for a lantern that’s not just pretty, but safe too. You can fill them with plants instead if you like, but remember to add drainage holes.

5. Hanging planters.

Suspend planters from your fence. Be sure to use a variety of colors and styles!

6. Hanging baskets.


Install different hangers at the top of the fence, then add the most gorgeous flower baskets you can find!

7. Add a garden to a wrought iron fence.

You don’t want to block the fence’s ornate features, but attaching a shallow tray to the fence with a lovely garden can enhance its beauty!

8. Drooping flower baskets.


Drooping flower baskets present a renewed look to your fence, especially if you place several of them together and create a wall of color.

9. Make yourself a vertical garden.


This not only covers the fence, but it’s incredibly space-efficient!

10. Crate shelves for plants.

You can create different shapes and sizes for each shelf to fit each plant.

11. Free-standing crate planters.

This can be built by attaching fruit crates together at the corners, and it works easily for a variety of different plants.

12. Thin shelves.

If your fence has horizontal slats, thin shelves not only enhance the features, but add privacy. Selecting matching or similar plants can add a great a mirror-like look, too.

13. Built-in shelves and gutters.


This works particularly well with tall privacy fences, and can be used to hold gorgeous plants.

14. Create a plant bed with a two-by-four gutter.


Attach a long plank of wood to your fence in a V-shape to start your plant bed.

15. Gutter gardens.


Paint old gutters and secure them to your fence for a shallow plant garden. Plant succulents and ivy for a cascading look, or enhance the effect by placing the gutters at a slight angle.

These ideas are guaranteed to add color and beauty to your home. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get planting!

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