Many people believe in guardian angels. It can be comforting to trust that a larger force is keeping watch over you and your loved ones.

Having such beliefs requires you to be guided by faith, and you’re never truly sure if there is something like an angel really there. But every now and again something happens that makes keeping that faith a whole lot easier.

When a landslide recently ravaged the town of Manizales, Colombia, it left 17 people dead in its wake. A crowd quickly gathered following the tragedy, and that’s when a figure suddenly appeared in the sky. What appeared there caused a lot of people to believe someone was watching over them…

When the city of Manizales, Colombia recently experienced heavy rains over the course of a month, it caused a massive landslide to ravage the town. In total, the deadly natural disaster left 17 people dead, dozens missing, and many others seriously injured. 


In the aftermath of the tragic landslide, crowds began to gather to mourn those who were lost and injured. As the people looked out to the Sancancio mountain, a rare cloud phenomenon appeared in the sky and the crowd fell silent…


Out from the clouds, a light shone down above the mountain. It wasn’t the light that made everyone stop; it was the shape of the light itself. This was no ordinary sunbeam shining down on them.


The grieving locals saw the light and immediately saw the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. Everyone stood in awe, while a woman named Marya de lesus on social media recorded a video of the religious experience and posted the video online for all to see. “Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town, he calmed down the sky and was listened to,” she wrote.”God blesses us and glory to Lord and Universe King.”


The grieving community has found some solace in the sunbeam, and the video that Marya captured and shared online ensures others can join in their awe. See the way the light shines so brightly over the mountain?

Whether you believe in guardian angels or not, you have to admit that it’s uplifting for this grieving community to find some solace.

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