Puzzles have existed to amuse and baffle the human mind for thousands of years. It’s telling that our brains are so complex that different designers keep coming up with new ways to keep them engaged.

While the brain is a complicated organ, it’s often no match for even the simplest optical illusions. When we see one thing but are told something else is present, it can all add up to nothing but confusion!

No matter how good you are at figuring out illusions, there’s no chance you’ll get this one on the first try. If you do, you might just be a genius… or one heck of a fibber!

People on Facebook have been baffled by this illusion ever since it was shared by Jeya May Cruz of the Philippines. According to Jeya, there’s a phone hiding in plain sight in this picture. That’s right—a phone. Keep looking. Do you see where it’s hidden?

1-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Really darn tricky, right? If you can’t spot the phone the first time you look at this photograph, don’t panic—you aren’t alone. This is called an optical illusion for a reason, after all.

If you’re convinced that you won’t be able to ever find the phone hidden in this image, don’t give up. Here are some tips to help you spot it. The first thing that you may want to do to find the hidden phone is divide the image into four sections.

2-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Once you’ve done that, it breaks up the amount of work your brain has to do when your eyes scan the separate sections of the photograph. Look closely at each quadrant. Where do you think this sneaky phone might be?

3-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Still stumped? That’s okay, this illusion was not created to be easily solved! Take a deep breath and concentrate. Remember, you have nothing but time when it comes to finding this hidden phone! As an added bonus, you can even narrow it down to the top quadrants…

3-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Still can’t find it? Don’t worry! Most people have already given up. The fact that you’re still looking means that it’s only a matter of time until you isolate the phone’s precise location… plus it’s about to become a whole lot easier!

At this point, if you don’t see it, you probably feel like quitting. You might have even convinced yourself that there isn’t any phone in the photograph at all and that this is all some kind elaborate joke. It’s totally normal to get frustrated, but you are so close now!

4-hidden-phoneJeya May Cruz / Facebook

Okay, time for the reveal. Ready for a close up? Even when the camera zooms in it’s still hard to find because the phone has a floral pattern that blends into the carpet. It is outlined in pink below in case you still couldn’t spot it…

6-hidden-phoneJeya La Cruz / Facebook

The telltale giveaway is the oval-shaped camera lens. While the case does a very good job at disguising this telephone, by its very design it cannot completely cover up the area where the two cameras are located on the back of the phone’s surface.


Now that you’ve seen where the phone was hiding, it can’t be unseen, right? Talk about a major victory! The only thing better than trying to solve an optical illusion like this one is the feeling you get when you actually do it: success!

This may be the best illusion ever! How quickly did you manage to solve it?

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