The ocean is a big, scary place full of mystery and danger. If you go poking around below the surface, you never know what you might come up with.

Commercial fishermen who trawl the seas for a living are well aware of all the strange things that one can encounter. But even these experienced fellows were stunned to discover what they’d pulled up.

The ocean covers most of our planet.


It’s so vast and deep that we actually know very little about it and what it contains.


So if you go poking around in there, you really never know what you might come up with.


Professional fishermen like these pull up all kinds of weird stuff every day.fishermen-catch-shark-4

But even they were stunned when they saw this fall out of their net.


It was an enormous shark, at least 15 feet in length.


The massive creature had unfortunately been caught in the net and pulled up with the rest of the fish.


Imagine coming face to face with that in the water.


We’ve sent twelve people to the moon and only three to the deepest part of the ocean, The Marianas Trench. It’s incredible to think what else might be lurking there, beneath the waves.

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