There’s a funny saying that reads “fishing is the sport of drowning worms.” Every fisherman knows not to take their catch for granted, if they catch anything at all. It’s true that, even when you’re doing everything right, sometimes you just can’t get a bite.

One famous charter captain, however, caught more than he bargained for during a fishing trip off the coast of Miami. You could say it was an extremely profitable day of fishing… but it wasn’t because of any sea creatures.

Mark “The Shark” Quartiano is a famed fisherman who has been a charter captain since 1965. He’s made several television appearances, and he counts celebrities like Will Smith, Rosie O’Donnell, and Robert De Niro as clients. He’s also attracted some controversy by ruffling conservationists’ feathers (you can imagine why below).

1-fishing-for-cocaineStian Roenning

In December 2016, Mark made headlines for an unbelievable haul aboard his ship, Striker-1, while off the coast of Miami—and no, it wasn’t the hammerhead shark he helped his client reel in. This catch was actually only two pounds… of cocaine.

2-fishing-for-cocaineMark "The Shark" Quartiano

“I’ve found marijuana, but never cocaine like this,” Mark said in an interview. “One of my friends said—he was an old smuggler back in the day—that it could be cash, lots of cash. So I don’t know, we’ll have to see, but if it’s cash, it belongs to me.” You can watch the moment of discovery here!

Luckily, Mark—a retired officer who’s made his fair share of drug busts back in his day—knew what to do and immediately alerted the police and U.S. Coast Guard after securing the kilo of coke. Nonetheless, even for an experienced fisherman like him, surely this was a highly unusual find!

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