Emergency respondents like police and firefighters have incredibly tough jobs in which they put their lives on the line in order to keep the rest of us safe. They’re difficult professions, but thankfully, a small group of dedicated individuals steps up and performs them admirably.

Whereas many of us in an emergency situation would try our hardest to get to safety, these people make the tough calls that may put their own lives at risk but which ensure nobody else has to.

Just look at this firefighter’s brave actions in Xianyang, China. When his team responded to a call about a flaming gas tank about to explode, they hesitated at first. Then he made an executive decision that could have killed him, but which guaranteed everybody else’s safety…

Recently a woman in Xianyang, China was cooking dinner when her gas tank caught on fire. Fearing an explosion, she scooped up her 5-year-old daughter and ran outside.


Firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes and cautiously entered the apartment building where the gas fire was still raging.


At first they were unsure of what to do. The fire was big enough that they had to evacuate the building, but the firefighters knew that cooling it too quickly could cause it to explode…


Then one brave fireman named Wan Wentao realized what needed to be done. He cautiously picked up the flaming tank, and began running down the stairs…

Thank goodness he got the tank out of the building before it caused an explosion! Once it was outside, the firefighters were able to slowly cool it and prevent any serious harm.

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