Just like almost every other pet owner, Teresa Crandall wanted to protect her loved one from ticks, fleas, and other disease-carrying insects. So she went to a local pharmacy in her home town of Lexington, Georgia and bought a Sergeant’s Dual Action Flea Collar.

She took it home, and put it on her family’s rescue cat, Onyx. But by the time she realized something was wrong, it was too late.

This is Teresa Crandall’s cat, Onyx.


Earlier this month, Onyx’s owner Teresa purchased a flea collar at a local pharmacy in Lexington, Georgia. She went home and put the collar on Onyx.


Over the next few days, Onyx became violently ill. She suffered seizures, blindness, and eventually paralysis. Eventually, Onyx passed away.


Teresa shared her family’s painful story online, and now people are demanding answers. Sergeant, the manufacturer of the collar, offered their condolences – but the exact cause of Onyx’s death is still unknown.


Some flea collars are meant for dogs and can be toxic to cats, but Teresa is certain bought the right kind.


Still, some collars are known to cause severe allergic reactions, even in the animals they are meant to protect, with symptoms that include redness, hair loss, and blistering.


Most animal care experts recommend talking to your vet about choosing the right treatment before going out and buying the first flea collar that you see.


Teresa is still waiting for answers, and she may never get them, but she did have something to say to all other cat owners out there. “Please be careful with what you put on your pet,” she says. “There is no way to tell if your pet will be one of those who do have a reaction to a product until it’s too late.”


We may never know what led to Onyx’s tragic passing. Until we have answers, the best thing to do may be to avoid this particular product altogether, and always consult your vet before using anything on your loved ones.

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