In the literal sense, time capsules are usually buried in the ground, maybe in a backyard or the lawn outside of a school. They’re usually full of all sorts of mementos that are designed to take whomever digs it up on a trip through time.

And then there are some time capsules that are… different. When Imgur user Jennybo86 started tearing up the floor in her home in order to complete some renovation projects, she certainly wasn’t looking for a blast from the past.

That’s exactly what she found, though. And once she started reading the messages in this “time capsule” hiding underneath the floorboard, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Though this isn’t typically how you’d imagine a time capsule to look, that’s exactly what Imgur user Jennybo86 was calling what she uncovered beneath the floorboards in her home.


Scrawled across the wood were numerous signatures, photos, and messages from a previous family.


Most of the scribblings appeared to be written by children.


The messages detailed the lives of the kids and their family members.


One of the little authors apparently broke her arm not long before writing this one.


This message was pretty cryptic.


Evidently, the “ghost(s)” weren’t big fans of CSI:NY.


Some of the messages explained the deaths of several family pets.


Pretty darn creepy, right?


Looks like some new kids have taken up residence there, though!


We wonder if the former residents knew their modern-day time capsule had been uncovered?


Either way, a new floor was already being laid down. Maybe the current homeowners added their own messages to the mix!


That’s a little creepy, for sure, but it’s a neat idea for the former family to leave those messages hidden there under the floorboards. Hopefully, the “ghosts” aren’t as mad about the new family replacing the floor as they were about CSI:NY!

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