For some people, there’s simply nothing better than getting a new book. Even if it’s only new to you and it shows the wear and tear of having been read and appreciated long before reaching your hands, it’s still a thrill to hold, to have, and of course, to read.

Some books are a little bit more special than others, though. Take these volumes, for example, that seem completely ordinary at first…but they reveal a secret surprise when you look at their pages in just the right way!

At first glance, this appears to an ordinary book…


However, if you hold the pages together in the just the right way and look at the side…


…this tome reveals a hidden surprise!


These secret page-side pictures are called fore-edge paintings, and although they’re rare, there have been some incredible examples throughout history!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

What a fun little hidden secret! Doesn’t it make you want to check out the edges of all your books, just to be sure?

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