When it comes to art, the only thing that can limit a person’s creativity is their own imagination. There are so many different media to work with that nearly anything you conceive of can be created in one way or another.

A Danish artist named Thomas Dambo decided to explore his creative side to construct six massive pieces of art that he scattered throughout the woods of Copenhagen, Denmark using recycled wood.

Here is a collection of photos displaying the six enormous sculptures that Dambo called The Forgotten Giants… And they’re truly unforgettable.

One Danish artist named Thomas Dambo decided to flex his creative muscles and designed six enormous statues using scrap wood with the help of local volunteers. He called his works The Forgotten Giants. This first structure is located underneath a bridge in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is appropriately named Oscar Under The Bridge. 

giants-1johsenberg / Imgur

This structure that Dambo and his team constructed is called Little Tilde. Not only is it an amazing work of art, but there are actually 28 birdhouses built into the belly area so local birds can nest safely.

giants-2johsenberg / Imgur

This structure is called Thomas On The Mountain. All of the wood used to design these monumental works of art was sourced locally. Dambo worked for weeks with volunteers to make his vision a reality.


This elderly looking masterpiece is known as Teddy Friendly. He stands prominently in the woods, and visitors can actually use his right hand as a bridge to cross a small stream that runs through the forest!

giants-4johsenberg / Imgur

This structure is a crowd favorite. He’s called Sleeping Louis, and it looks as though he’s taking a much-needed nap on the side of the forest trail. His open mouth is large enough for people to crawl inside and take memorable photos, as well!

giants-5johsenberg / Imgur

This beach-dwelling giant is named Hilltop Trine. Visitors from all over love to climb up into her hands and enjoy the amazing view of Copenhagen. People just can’t seem to get enough of these wooden marvels!

giants-6johsenberg / Imgur

This artwork is absolutely stunning! Thomas Dambo and the local volunteers created six masterpieces that will truly live forever in the woods of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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