For a lot of people, finding some kind of “fountain of youth” is a major goal that they would love to achieve in their lifetime. Attaining ageless beauty, while highly coveted, is no easy feat to achieve.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who never seem to age. In fact, some people do it so well that others have a hard time distinguishing them from their children when they’re together.

When these mothers and daughters got together to take a photo they never realized how much confusion they would cause. No one can seem to tell which is the mother and which is the daughter, can you….

People have had a lot of trouble trying to determine just who’s who in this photograph. As it turns out the mother, who is 36 years old, is in the middle. On either side of her are her 18-year-0ld twin daughters, Kaylan and Kyla.


There’s no telling who the parent is in this photograph, though, it only becomes a little bit more clear the longer you stare at it.  On the left you have Ennis, who is 25, and on the far right you have her 26-year-old sister Chantal. That woman there in the middle is Althea, who is 41.


At first glance you may think you’re looking at a nice photograph of twins. Don’t be fooled. On the left is 42-year-old actress Ksenia Rappoport who is standing with her 22-year-old daughter, Aglaia on the right.


Look, these are only going to become more and more difficult as it goes on. Seriously, stare at this photograph and try to tell who’s the parent and who’s the child… No answer? Lying down with the pink hair is Amber, 27, and that makes the woman sitting up her mother Yasmin who is 52!


You were warned, as this photograph is nearly impossible to tell who the daughter and mother are. Give up? On the left is Aysaule, a 20-year-0ld woman and on the right is her mother, Bayan, who is 43 years young.


You may think you’re seeing double, but you’re not. On the left is Yazz, a 21-year-old woman and on the right is her 44-year-old mother, Georgie.


Everyone has an extremely hard time telling these two apart when they’re out on the town with one another. Natalie on the left is the mother at 45 and on the right is her 21-year-old daughter Jazmyne.


Well, these two must be twins, because there’s no telling them apart, right? Wrong! On the right is 27-year-old actress Polina Maximova and her 50-year-old mother, Svetlana, is on the left.


You’re probably thinking that these look like two friends ready to go out on the town, but you’re wrong. On the right is 23-year-old Rochelle and on the left is her 53-year-old mother Pav.


Wow, that was harder to tell than expected. These women either have amazing genes or a big secret they need to spill to the rest of us!

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