What’s the best way to tell your meat is fresh? Well, without actually being trained as a butcher, one could say that the cuts that are still bright red and moist make for high-quality meat. But is it possible to have a piece of meat that is just a little too fresh?

One shop owner in southern China can answer that question… because his fresh cut continued to move even after it was hung up in the window.

The butcher can be heard saying “enough!” in the background of this footage, because even he doesn’t want to believe it. Take a look…

This meat was freshly hung in a southern Chinese butcher shop window, ready to be bought and cooked. But despite being prepared correctly, it continued to twitch from nerves that were still reacting.


The photos of this zombie meat really doesn’t do it justice. The full footage is unbelievable—not to mention completely creepy…

It’s no wonder this butcher is heard saying “enough!” in the video. There’s nothing that will drive many customers away than a piece of meat showing this level of freshness!

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