Photographs are a perfect way to capture the most special moments in our lives. From the wonder in a baby’s eyes to the awkward excitement of prom night, taking photographs can help us capture all kinds of important memories to cherish for years to come.

However, sometimes pictures don’t turn out quite the way we want them to. Maybe you put your thumb over the lens or the lighting is less than perfect, and before you know it, that once-in-a-lifetime moment is gone.

Sometimes the thing that ruins your photos isn’t user error at all; sometimes it’s what’s happening in the background. When you see the way these 25 photos were ruined, you’ll never say “cheese” without looking over your shoulder again!

1. Whenever you and your family go on vacation, it’s a given that you’ll want to take photos to remember the big trip. Just try and make sure that there are no copulating animals in the background. You just know Facebook’s going to flag that photo as inappropriate!


2. As a general rule of thumb, always wear clothes when taking pictures of other people. This doesn’t just make them feel more comfortable, but it keeps any sort of, ahem, bulges from stealing the show during, say, prom night photos.


3. “Ripped as heck, and I owe it all to you, Mom!” If you need to show off your killer bod, maybe have your mom take pictures of you in a room where mirrors won’t reveal that you’ve been quietly and intensely flexing at her for minutes at a time.


4. Group photos are less of an art and more of a science. The tallest people need to go in the back, and it’s not just because then everyone’s face is easy to see. It also prevents visual misunderstandings, like the one that’s happening with a foot between this man’s legs.


5. Ah yes, here we have a young couple in love enjoying some green beer on a warm beach. Truly this would be a photograph worthy of sharing with the grandkids… if it weren’t for all the unfortunate yoga stretching that was happening in the background, of course.


6. It was a moment she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. It was a moment that had taken them years to reach. It was a moment neither of them would ever forget. And it was the moment a stranger mooned them from a polite distance.


7. This family couldn’t look any cuter posing for a family vacation photograph if they tried. Speaking of cute, check out the amateur surfer in the back. Poor guy! Clearly no one explained the whole “there must be waves” part of surfing to him. Bless.


8. While it’s clear that this punk simply decided to photobomb these wedding shots, it’s fun to imagine that this couple actually bought the “EXTREME WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE,” which included at least one bad-ass stunt per shot.


9. This is a tough one to suss out. Did these women stop and take this photo because of the remarkable splendor of the natural cave around them? Or did they stop and decide to take this photo together because… phallus?


10. There is no child in the world cute enough to distract viewers from the unfortunate plumber’s crack making an appearance in the background of this particular photograph. Public service announcement: pull up your pants!


11. Ah yes, the annual tradition of one happy family’s autumnal photo shoot. The family is dressed in a chic palette of gray and mustard, the leaves are freshly fallen, the smiles look real, and the dog is… just peeing everywhere. Whoops.


12. Everyone knows that the secret to a great selfie is all in the way you edit said selfie once you’re done taking it. Get rid of the red eye, brighten your complexion… and make yourself so thin that even the doorway behind you has an hourglass figure.


13. This proud new father couldn’t be happier to have this touching moment with the new addition chronicled for all of time. That said, once he sees the baby’s foot peeking out unfortunately from between his legs, he might have second thoughts on this particular picture.


14. Somebody was so excited to share an image of this beautiful floral arrangement that they couldn’t even wait to get it in water first… or, you know, at the very least clear the bedside table of any and all embarrassing marital aids.


15. This photograph looks like it was taken by an undercover operative who took it upon himself to infiltrate that 35th Annual Toddler Hurling Championships. How else could you explain what is happening to that child?


16. While these friends thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a picture of themselves together enjoying a night on the town, the woman behind them thought it was the perfect opportunity to let it all hang out. All of it!


17. It’s always risky to have your picture taken with a wild animal. Even the herbivores can be unpredictable. This woman thought she beat the odds with this mellow picture, but that’s only because she didn’t know it was mating season until she got her film developed.


18. “Quick, quick, quick, let’s do Charlie’s Angels! You and I will go back to back and do the cute finger guns and Brian can… lay on the bed with his hands down his shorts?” Someone should have told Brian to wait until everyone had left the room.


19. Mom and Dad love to mail the kids photographs of the time they spend enjoying their retirement. They had no idea that each time they were also sharing photographs of just how much the family dog was enjoying retirement, too. Woof!


20. This youngster chose a fresh look for his senior prom, so it’s no wonder he wanted to chronicle it and share his swagger with his friends on social media. Unfortunately, not even the most stylish man on the planet could distract from that cat enjoying some tasty toilet water.


21. This young woman couldn’t wait to show off her new relaxed look for the summer. She struck a super chill pose and thought everything was going to turn out just fine. Sadly the makeup mirror had different plans… of the nostril-enlarging variety.


22. Search bars are a very helpful tool when it comes to navigating social media and the Internet in general. The only problem with them is just how helpful they can be. If you don’t clear yours regularly you’re liable to share some awkward personal information with the world!


23. Talk about having fun in the sun! What a great photograph of a young woman having a great time on the beach. Is she enjoying it as much as the man and woman in the background are? Probably not. Then again, her kind of fun won’t get her arrested.


24. Aw, what a great photograph of mother and daughter! They took it in such a beautiful location, too. It’s too bad that the crime of the century was captured taking place in the background. Well, to be fair, that could be a trained cannon-blast riding experience…


25. This woman is really excited to show off all of her curves. In fact, she was so eager to get the photograph that she made her mom and brother apparently wait outside in the cold until she was sure she nailed it. Vanity: thy name is bathing suit selfies.


These photographs are almost too funny to be believed! You would think that people would be more aware of their surroundings before snapping pics of their special moments.

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