Stop in the name of the law! Keep your hands where we can see them. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of laughs. In this tumultuous political climate, officers all around the world are cracking down on cracking up with a much-needed dose of humor.

Faith in the police force has been challenged, and with reason. There are bad apples in every orchard, but these cops want to remind you that while no one is above the law, everyone can pull themselves above the chaos for a good hearty belly laugh. Check out these 20 times police officers strictly enforced fun.

1. When life gets complicated, lighten up and turn it into a sing-along. Doe. A Deer. Two Partner cops. And Ray, I’m sorry, but you’re under arrest. Me. A name. Let’s take a selfie. Far. A long time ’til you’re up for bail!

2. Every police force needs a trusty officer pup to keep the law and order. This is puppy Maizie already practicing her hero pose. OMG never grow up! Also feel free to pull us over for pets and kisses anytime!

3. This team of cops really went all out celebrating Halloween when they posed for this photo. Our only question is, are they really just going to waste all those donuts… 30-second rule, amiright?

4. These friendly officers were game for a 4-year-old hold-up. The force is clearly strong with this one as he has the combined power of Batman AND Darth Vader. The police never stood a chance.

5. When this cop answered a call for a giant slip and slide that was obstructing a road, he did due diligence on thoroughly investigating the scene. Looks like fun, slips like fun, slides like fun. Apparently, these lucky kids were getting off with just a warning.

6. The sight of a cop car in your rearview window can make even the most cautious drivers nervous. So this department lightened up the dark wintry season by giving a little attitude to their whips. Ka-Chow! Not so scary now.

7. These officers noticed this young lady looking a little shaky behind the wheel. When they questioned her parents, they admitted that she’d already gone through a few bottles that morning. They let her off but warned her next time, drinking and driving would earn her a big time out.

8. When two police officers tied the knot they opted for this dessert instead of the traditional cake. We wonder if they toasted with coffee instead of champagne, too.

9. This Swedish officer took it upon himself to assure the safety of the neighborhood children. So when he spotted a group of them sledding, he tested all the sleds to make sure they were up to code. By the look on his face, it seems he approved. 

10. This police department came up with a clever way to capture the local drug dealers at large. You never know, maybe if someone smokes enough, filling out this form would seem like a great way to eliminate their competition.

11. When 4/20 rolled around in this town, the local police force was all too keen on the implication. As a friendly warning, they staged this photo to post on their twitter feed. We got to give it to them, it’s pretty clever. If this came with a delivery option, though — game over!

12. In Montreal, a group of students organized a protest against rising tuition by going “nearly” naked. This is a snap of some of the local cops doing their duty to assure everyone stayed in line, respectively. 

13. When a fire department and a police department are neighbors things can get a little tricky. Here, the fire crew set a trap they knew their neighbors would walk right into. To be fair, we’d risk being trapped in a box, too, if there were a dozen donuts in there.

14. In an attempt to stay hip to the trends, this police department created a public Spotify playlist. Some may contest this is subliminal messaging, but anything with a Spice Girls track just can’t be wrong.

15. To appeal to all those bargain hunters rushing in for the latest deal, the Saint John Police left this friendly message. Don’t speed, safely adhere to the laws of traffic, because at $172.50, these tickets are going fast!

16. This cop traded in his coffee break to make a snow angel. This just goes to show that no one is ever too old or too serious to stop, drop, and flail in the snow. Next shift, they’re making Frosty.

17. When it came into question who actually runs the streets, this NYPD crew had to report to a very urgent call to settle the dispute once and for all. Honestly, it’s a tough call, they all have a pretty good running man. Might just be a tie this time. 

18. This Lowell officer knew sharing is caring. Plus now they can sing this Avril Lavigne (sort of) classic, “officer skater boy said he’s got a radar boy, so you better slow down when you ride.”

19. You say state troopers, we say storm troopers. If you want the force with you in this town, all you have to do is exceed the speed limit. Then again, you might not want this force with you after all.

20. When this student met a campus cop on his first day of college, he asked what he should do to let his parents know everything was going great so far. The cop knew exactly how to stage the perfect photo to reassure his mom and dad…