Twitter has allowed people to share what’s on their minds with the world like never before. In 140 characters or fewer, people can post whatever they want about their lives, politics, and entertainment choices.

Sometimes, though, Twitter is at its best when people are just trying to make you laugh. Here are 18 absolutely hilarious tweets that are bound to improve your day!

1. Perhaps not the best choice for a stock photo.

2. Carrie Fisher was a national treasure.

3. “HER: That’s so hot.”

4. The most inoffensive possible take on this popular meme.

1-funny-tweetsTwitter / Respectful Memes

5. Here’s another meme that a 90-year-old might enjoy.

6. This is basically what it’s like to ride along with a student driver.

7. Bee Movie + La La Land = Gold.

8. Stephen King meets drag queens? Sure, why not.

9. How does this actually save anyone?

10. Time for a new dentist!

11. They do make a fine clam chowdah.

12. The reactions on their faces say it all.

13. Saxophones make everything better.

14.The Kardashians work harder than people give them credit for.

15. “I bet this baby can’t even do a kickflip.”

16. How can you not love puns?

17. Everything about this tweet is hilarious.

18.Pretty much.

You may find some of these tweets to be funnier than others, but there’s certainly enough to make you laugh out loud at least once! Which one is your favorite?

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