It’s hard to find a good, affordable home in today’s market. And with such high costs, many people find that they have to settle.

But as blogger and designer Whitney Leigh Morris discovered, it doesn’t have to be that way. All she had to do was get a little creative!

Whitney lives in the Venice Canal District of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. She and her partner Adam live with their two beagle-mix rescues, Stanlee and Sophee.


It may not look like it now, but this wasn’t actually built to be a home.


It’s really a garage built in the 1920s as part a bigger house. The crazy part? It’s only 362 square feet.


Whitney is such a talented designer that she was able to find enough room for her whole family, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, and living area.


The wide doors used to be for cars. Now, they’ve been replaced with panels and glass doors that let natural light in. Whitney also uses this small desk as her work space, which needed to be as compact and minimalist as possible — much like the rest of the house.


The mirror hanging over the desk also helps make the room seem bigger. No matter how large your own home is, this is a helpful trick that’s worth trying!


A simple tablecloth helps turn the living room into a dining room.


Whitney installed a kitchen along the back wall. She uses an L-shaped couch to divide up more of the space without making it seem too closed-off.


 She used plenty of shelving for storage, and partitioned off the bedroom for more privacy. Sophee and Stanlee certainly look comfortable!


There’s even a backyard. Whitney and Adam converted it into a little patio area, adding to the comfortable decor with fairy lights and trailing ivy.


Once again, a tiny home like this proves that large spaces are overrated!


Most of us use our garage for storage. But did you ever imagine that you could make a whole other home out of it!?

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