Way Too Many People Make The Same Mistake At The Gas Pump And It Could Be Deadly

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Filling up at the gas pump is something that, outside of the few states that require attendants, nearly everyone does fairly regularly. We don’t usually give much thought to it—unless gas prices are on the rise again, of course!

That might change after people learn the danger they face each time they pull over and fill up. There are a few circumstances when pumping a few gallons of gas could end in a serious injury—or death—and the best way to avoid it is to be informed.

The key to gas pump danger comes from what you can see in this video: the fumes.


They’re pretty much everywhere when you’re filling up.


Breathing in those fumes is dangerous, and they can actually lead to a minor inferno if there’s a spark. Unless you do these simple things:


Remember, folks: your local Tiger Mart is for affordable gas and scratch-offs, not raging, static-electricity fires. Make sure to touch the side of the car next time you start to fill up!

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