Sofia recounted her story in a Facebook post: “Tonight I won $200 on a scratch ticket… I was so excited until I looked up and met Glenn. He was holding a ‘homeless’ sign, his hands shook, and he was crying as the negative degree wind whipped his face.”

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“I rolled down my window and offered to buy him coffee which he was hesitant but grateful to accept. As we drove to Dunkin’s, I asked him where he was going to sleep. He said he didn’t know, so on the way I called the local and other homeless shelters within a 10 mile area…no spots.”

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“It was then I knew why I won the $200. God placed Glenn in my path for a reason, so I drove him to the Rosewood Inn in Wareham and paid for a 2 night stay. I’ve never seen a grown man cry… He began praying and telling me I was an angel.”

lotto-3Rosewood Motel

“Tonight I know my new friend Glenn is warm…”

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Watch Sofia’s story:

It was incredibly generous of Sofia to help Glenn like that… Hopefully her act of kindness will inspire others to be just as selfless as she was!

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