Being a car owner is no easy feat. Besides the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle—regular oil changes, anyone?—the bills can really add up. Plus, we’ve got to constantly be aware of the rules of the road, and that’s stressful enough!

Besides getting people from point A to point B, cars are used for a ton of other important purposes, like delivering pizzas, for instance, or helping us to cart our laundry to and from the laundromat. With all those tasks, it’s no wonder we see so much wear and tear on our poor vehicles!

Thankfully, there are a lot of cool hacks we can employ when it comes to our cars that make it easier than ever to drive. Would you try these tips?

1. Dirty cup holders: Let’s face it, everyone’s cup holders are just about the dirtiest place in their vehicle. To avoid all of the gunk and misplaced items, simply clean it out and place cupcake holders inside of each compartment. This way, you’ll easily keep your items tidy and removable.


2. Car seat placement: If you share a car with someone else, there’s a good chance that you have to adjust the seat every time you drive. You can easily avoid the headache of trying to find the proper placement by utilizing this hack.


All you’ll need is two pieces of duct tape. Now, move your seat to a comfortable spot. Then get out of the car and grab your tape. You’ll place the first piece on the frame of the door and the second on the seat itself. Make sure to line it up perfectly with the other tape.


Now when you get in, you can easily adjust it so that they’re lined up—and you’ll have the perfect seat placement every single time!

3. Transporting a fresh pizza: When you’re driving home with a fresh-baked pizza pie, chances are you’ll place it in the empty passenger seat while you drive. The only problem is that it has a tendency to lean, causing the cheese to shift to one side. To avoid this from happening, place two water bottles on their side and on top of one another. Then, place the pizza edge on top of them. Voila! No more sliding pizza.


4. Grocery shopping: Not only is it messy to place loads of grocery bags in the back of your vehicle, but it’s impossible to transport them into your home all at once. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this unfortunate scenario…


To easily transport all of your groceries into your home in just one trip, simply keep a laundry basket in the trunk of your vehicle. Then, you place all of your bags inside. Now you can easily carry them into your house!


5. Fuel tank memory: At some point or another, everyone has pulled into a gas station only to forget what side of the car their gas tank is on. The easiest way to remember is to look at your fuel gauge. The gas tank icon has an arrow next to it pointing to the proper side of your vehicle.


6. Parking in your garage: Knowing when to stop your car while parking in your garage is difficult. You don’t want to hit any of the walls! To avoid this from happening, tape a tennis ball to one end of a cord. Then, park your car safely in your garage and hang the cord so the ball lands on your windshield. Now, whenever you pull in, you know to stop when the tennis ball is resting on your windshield.


7. Adjusting your key fob range: There’s no denying the convenience of a key fob when you’ve got your hands full. The only downside is how close you actually have to be to your vehicle in order to use it. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to the problem…


All you have to do is hold the key fob in your hand and place it under your neck. Now, press the button and watch the range go from 15 feet to hundreds of feet. Watch the video below to see how it’s done. See how easily he opens the trunk of his SUV from so far way? It’s awesome!

These hacks are actually really easy, and so smart. It’s so helpful to have a few less small things to worry about when you drive now.

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