If everyone on the planet opened up their purses or backpacks right now, there’s a good chance they’d find one item in particular that everyone owns: a handy tube of lip balm. Some things are just universally necessary, and most of us probably have this item within reach at any given time.

Lip balm is a great way to protect the delicate skin of your lips in the winter and the summer alike. However, it can do so much more than just make your smoochers extra-kissable!

Because of its wealth of ingredients, there are so many other uses for lip balm. If you thought that tube of chapstick in your bag was good for only one thing, just wait until you see what else it can do!

1. Blisters: If you’re wearing a particularly stubborn pair of shoes, you know the pain of blisters all too well. To beat blister pain, rub some lip balm over the affected areas. It will cut back on chafing and ease your overall discomfort.

2. Remove stuck rings: If you’ve ever had a too-small ring get stuck on your finger, then you know just how frustrating it can really be. Before you panic, rub a bit of lip balm below and above the ring. This should help loosen it up so you can slide your jewelry right off!

3. Dry nose: When you’ve got a cold, all that sneezing and blowing can leave your schnozz feeling chapped and raw. It goes to follow that applying a bit of lip balm to those areas won’t just help soothe them, it will also help keep the skin moisturized.

4. Seal cuts: While lip balm is not a permanent solution for an open sore or wound, it can help keep the affected area clean and protected until you can find a more permanent solution. Just don’t share that lip balm later on!

5. Shoe polish: Do your leather shoes need a bit of a buff and polish? Time to whip out that lip balm! Applying lip balm to the surface of your leather shoes can help give them a beautiful shine and make it easier to bend back into shape.

6. Loose shoelaces: Still got that tube of lip balm out and on standby? Good. Use the lip balm to lather up your laces, then go ahead and tie them up as you would usually. The balm will help condition your laces, as well as make sure that they stay in place.

7. Flyaway hairs: If you’re one step away from looking fabulous because of stubborn flyaway hairs, lip balm is your best friend. Do not apply it directly to your head (as pictured below); instead, rub some on your fingers and then run your fingers through your hair. Make sure to use this trick sparingly for best results!

8. Split ends: If you have long hair that you style every day, getting split ends can be a real hassle. Carefully applying lip balm to the ends of your hair can act as a protecting balm that will keep your ends from giving you any real guff.

9. Stuck zippers: This one is a real miracle. We all know how frustrating it can be to get the zipper on a coat or dress stuck on itself. Rather than risk ripping up the coat, go ahead and and apply some balm to the area surrounding the zipper to help it gently release.

10. Healing piercings: When you go too long without wearing earrings, even old ear piercings can begin to heal, making it difficult to get earrings to fit into the holes without risking infection or discomfort. Applying lip balm to the piercing site and the earring post can help with this.

11. Removing mascara: When you’re putting on mascara, it’s easy to accidentally get it on areas near your eye. Use a little bit of lip balm to help loosen the stuff and make it easier to wipe away. So simple!

12. Eye shadow base: If you want eyeshadow that lasts, go ahead and smear your lids with lip gloss before applying your color. You’ll see a brighter overall hue, and you might also notice that the eye shadow sticks around longer!

Who knew that something as simple as lip balm could have so many different purposes? Now that you know everything this miracle in a tube can do, you should always make sure to have some handy.

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