Bella had a hard time getting around before a special someone came into her life. The 11-year-old from Ipswich, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome (a rare genetic disease that attacks the bones) at just two and a half, and she had had a difficult time walking since then. Things were especially trying for her as she still had to move between classes during the school day.

But George changed all that. The Great Dane service dog goes with Bella everywhere, from homeroom in the morning to her bed at night. And now that their inspiring bond is making headlines, these two are bringing smiles to faces all over the world.

George and Bella are the perfect pair, and every day they spend together is delightful.


Their journey together is truly inspiring, especially for Bella, who lives an easier life when George is around.


Recently, George got to have a “best day ever” after their story made some headlines. It’s safe to say that he deserved every second of it!

George eating all those hamburgers was just too awesome. He sure deserves them! If you’d like to learn more about service dogs and about Bella’s condition, be sure to visit Assistance Dogs International and the National MPS Society.

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