Playing a prank on your friends, as long as it’s not cruel, is always a good time. Seeing their candid reaction to something you’ve planned makes for a great memory that you’ll have forever. If you’re secretive about setting it up, your prank is usually a success.

Trying to pull a fast one on several people at once is much harder to achieve, though, which is much harder than it might sound. Every detail of the plan must come together seamlessly to fool an entire audience of unsuspecting guests.

A German man named Ludwig Lehner managed to pull off quite an epic prank on some of Hollywood’s most elite recently, and he executed it with perfection. On top of that, it was televised…

Meet Ludwig Lehner. He’s a cook at a factory canteen in Germany and feeds over 300 visitors pancakes and goulash everyday. He very much enjoys his day job.

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Ludwig also loves pulling pranks on unsuspecting people. Years ago people told him that he closely resembled Hollywood star Ryan Gosling, and the thought stuck with him.

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Ludwig couldn’t let this resemblance go unnoticed. He wanted to plan a huge joke using his looks, and he wanted to make sure that it played out to perfection.

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After much contemplating, he met with two famous German comics to devise a plan. They decided they would try to have Ludwig accept an award as Ryan Gosling on a live German awards show.

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Ludwig and the comics created a fake talent agency and website. The site sponsored Ludwig as Ryan Gosling. They hoped it would work, but they couldn’t be sure.

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It took one month of networking and phone calls, but the prank was set to go live. Ludwig was actually going to accept an award for Gosling’s newest movie “La La Land” as the actor himself!

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It sure was risky, but if it worked, it would go down as one of the greatest public jokes of all time. He needed to establish some set rules if this were going to continue without a hitch.

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While the awards show began, Ludwig was backstage with bodyguards. Other actors were instructed not to interact with him because he was feeling ill.

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When the time finally came for Ryan Gosling to accept his award for all the hard work he put into the film, Ludwig was ready and waiting backstage with a short “thank you” speech written out…but how would the audience react?

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Watch and see how the prank was received!

It would take quite the nerve to get up in front of all those people and pretend to be a famous actor. I don’t think I could do it!

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