Even though World War II ended over 70 years ago, historians and adventurers are still working hard to uncover the full extent of the Nazis’ crimes, and every so often, an earth-shaking discovery is made.

Recently, filmmaker Andreas Sulzer led the discovery of a secret underground facility where the Nazis performed their own research, and what they found is almost too terrifying for words.

St. Georgen an der Gusen in Austria may seem like a nice, quiet town. But it was once the site of some terrible atrocities.


During World War II, thousands of Jews were systematically murdered in the town’s Mathausen-Gusen concentration camp.


 Prisoners at these camps were forced to build underground catacombs that made up the B8 Bergkristall weapons factory.


A lone guard tower still stands over the Mathausen-Gusen concentration camp, a stark reminder of what happens when humans reach the darkest depths of evil. 


This is what the concentration camp looked like once the allies liberated it in May of 1945.


When it became clear that they would lose the war, the Nazis built these tunnels in a desperate attempt to preserve their top-secret weapons factory.


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