No one really enjoys the process of breaking in a new pair of shoes, but you’re so excited to have them that you grin and bear it regardless. For Lorraine Burnett, a mother and care assistant from Dunfermline, Scotland, breaking in a new pair of five-inch heels, however, would cost her dearly.

After wearing the shoes out to a Christmas party in 2008—and dancing until nearly 2 a.m.—Lorraine developed a serious blister. Despite her and her doctor’s best efforts to heal it, the blister constantly returned and caused her severe pain. Eventually, her doctors told her they were going to have to amputate.

Lorraine Burnett of Dunfermline, Scotland was excited to show off her new dancing shoes at a Christmas party. That is, until she developed a serious blister.

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Oddly, and despite her best efforts, Lorraine’s blister wouldn’t go away for nearly two years. Her doctor eventually left her with two options: she could continue to experience severe pain and infections forever, or she could amputate her leg.

Lorraine suffers from type 2 diabetes, a condition which causes poor circulation, and it was likely the culprit behind her constant infections. She knew what she had to do.

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“It breaks my heart to think my five-inch heels cost me my leg,” she said.

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Not long after the amputation, Lorraine and her daughter moved in with family for a period of time. “I’d gone from someone who liked to go out all the time—a real party girl who enjoyed the good life,” Lorraine lamented, “to pretty completely housebound.”

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A combination of stress from the amputation and the diabetes caused Lorraine’s kidneys to weaken. She was placed on dialysis.

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Lorraine, now 37, lives with her 17-year-old daughter and struggles with her heavy, uncomfortable prosthetic. It’s caused bruising and ulcers over time as her circulation issue persists.

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She and her family are trying to raise enough money to find a more comfortable option. (To help, go here.)

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“A new prosthetic would mean I would look more like a lady again, not having to hide it. I can’t show my leg off and feel like myself,” Lorraine explained. “Having another prosthetic would be the most amazing Christmas present. Who knows, I might even be able to wear heels again.”

That’s the spirit, Lorraine!

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