When it comes to paranormal phenomena, it’s understandable why most people are skeptical. After all, most “evidence” of the supernatural usually comes down to the wind, a trick of the light, or some noise usually attributed to a house resting on its joints. But then there are cases like this one…

In both 2009 and 2013, two parties took a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the site of a brutal and bloody battle in the Civil War. These folks had heard the battlefield was haunted, so they decided to investigate. But what started out as simple explorations of a national landmark turned into something spooky and horrific—and it was all caught on camera…

According to legend, ghosts of the fallen soldiers still roam the empty fields of Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg, a site said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. In 2013, two believers investigated the rumors, and what they found got people talking.

These men heard stories about ghosts at Gettysburg, and a ranger told them at the time that tourists had been spotting apparitions, too. Eyes peeled, they drove down the empty road that ran parallel to one of the enormous battlefields.

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They pulled over beside a pair of cannons and turned off the car—a bad idea if horror movies were anything to go by. With their cameras rolling, they chatted idly, waiting for something—anything—to happen. Initially, they saw no ghosts.

Obviously, the lack of ghostly figures was disappointing. This was Gettysburg, after all, home to one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. Combined, the Union and Confederates suffered about 50,000 casualties. In other words…

If paranormal activity truly existed in the world, this should have been a hotbed for it; ghosts should have been practically strolling down the street, whistling a tune! Yet, after 20 minutes, there was nothing. That was when something caught their eye…

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With a little help from zoom-enhance technology, it was possible to see just what had captured the attention of the two men. Had an apparition really appeared right in front of them? Or were they only seeing a ranger out for a midnight walk?

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As the men’s excitement—and panic—rose, the figure stepped out from behind the cannons. Sure enough, it was looking pretty ghostly—it was transparent! Then, rounding the cannons, it turned right for them.

Luckily for these two men, this particular ghost of Gettysburg wasn’t the murderous type. After just a few steps, it disappeared, gone back to the spirit world to haunt and spook another day. Um… what just happened?

Yankee Reb / YouTube

Now, you might be thinking, I’m on to you, clearly this is a camera or computer trick. After all, with today’s editing technology, even a kid could insert a ghost into a few frames of dark video. This couldn’t be real, right?

Not so fast. A park ranger named Maria Brady relayed a tale to the Washington Post that might suggest there was more going on in the video than camera tricks. Her explanation started with an area called the Devil’s Den in Gettysburg…

WSB Radio

There, Maria had discovered an envelope filled with rocks. Inside the envelope was a letter. According to Maria, it read, “Please return these to Devil’s Den, we are sorry.” Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time that rock-filled letters were found at Gettysburg!

Gettysburg National Military Park via the Washington Post

See, over the years, another rumor circulated around Gettysburg: the rocks there were cursed. Whoever pocketed a stone and brought it home faced terrible luck—forever. And plenty of park patrons confirmed that ghostly legend.

The Inquirer

For instance, another park visitor sent a letter to Gettysburg (also containing stones he’d regrettably swiped from the park) explaining that his life had since fallen apart. He’d lost his job, his house, and his wife. Oh yeah, and he spent some time in prison.

“That was just the worst list of stuff that happened to somebody that I’ve ever seen,” Maria told the Post. “I mean, a lot of [the letters] are, ‘I broke my arm,’ ‘I lost my job,’ but, you know, when you go to prison for nine years?” Brutal.

As people from all over the county visited the old battlefield, enough left with spooky stories that indicated those ghost hunters’ first encounter might not be so far-fetched. In fact, another viral video from 2009 seemed to corroborate their story…

TC Ballinger / YouTube

After hiking off the main road, just about a mile away from Triangular Field—allegedly the most haunted location in all of Gettysburg—a couple set up a mounted camera at dawn and filmed for three minutes across nine locations.

They were filming at the second location and the sun hadn’t yet peaked over the trees. The ex-battlefield was silent—and seemingly ghost-free. But then something emerged from the trees along the horizon…

TCBallinger / YouTube

Like the ghost in the first encounter, this one took a few steps towards the camera, too, but the camera operators didn’t seem to notice it. What happened next, however, they couldn’t ignore!

TCBallinger / YouTube

The original ghost disappeared, only to be replaced by a ghostly deer! Then, another ghost soldier. And another. Soon apparitions flooded the entire field! Ghosts, it seemed, truly did inhabit Gettysburg!

TCBallinger / YouTube

Whether or not you believe these videos were real, one thing was true for both of them: they were equal parts eerie and awesome! Check out the first video below to get a closer look at the Gettysburg ghost. What do you think? Was it real?

The history of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, attracts people from all over the world, but after learning about the unexplained ghostly sightings, you might think twice before visiting!

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