A lot of people don’t exactly feel comfortable being inside hospitals. Though it has nothing to do with the staff; some simply have a hard time feeling okay surrounded by so much sickness and death.

Those people might feel even more discomforted if they were to step inside a children’s hospital in Cordoba, Argentina though. That’s because of what the nurses on staff captured on film recently. While they can’t be sure what exactly they saw, that it freaked them out is indisputable.

In the video, the nurses can be heard saying, “Estella, come here,” in Spanish. That’s when things get eerie…

Footage captured in a supposedly abandoned wing of the Children’s Hospital of the Holy Trinity in Cordoba, Argentina shows something truly horrifying.


As nurses whisper, “Estella, come here,” in Spanish, something really freaky happens.


They might have just seen a ghost. Just watch for the movement near the stretcher (around the 2:22 mark)…

The nurses in the video evidently claim that the child, Estella, died in one of the adjoining rooms, and this was a sign of her ghost. What do you think? Was this a true ghost sighting?

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