When you’re out snapping pictures of friends, very rarely are you paying close attention to what’s in the background. All you’re trying to do is frame the shot nicely and make sure everyone in it looks great.

Sometimes, when you take a look at the picture a few hours later, you realize that because you weren’t paying attention to what was in the background, you accidentally captured something strange. Every once in a while, it might be more than odd — it could be something pretty creepy.

Reddit user SlicedUpBeef was taking pictures of her friend sitting on a cliff edge, at Dundas Peak, in Hamilton, Ontario. She wanted to recreate some snapshots her cousin took a few days earlier. Afterward, when they compared the two photos, they noticed something incredibly spooky…

Everyone likes snapping pictures of their friends when they go out, especially, when hiking. The nature and scenery make for some very cool and unique photo opportunities.

2SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

Longtime Reddit user SlicedUpBeef was no stranger to taking great photos. She went hiking with her friend at Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario so she could recreate this photo that her cousin took just a few days earlier.

5SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

The weather was warm and the sun was shining bright. The girl and her friend were enjoying the day hanging out on the cliff’s edge and making the most of a great photo shoot.

3SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

They both took turns recreating her cousin’s photo that he took earlier in the week. She was going to see her cousin again in a few days and she was excited to be able to show him the pictures.

4SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

When SlicedUpBeef showed her cousin the pictures she had taken of her and her friend, he was impressed. But, as the two of them compared the photos, there was something very unusual that stood out.

6SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

After they carefully examined the area of trees behind the cliff where they were sitting, there was something in SlicedUpBeef’s cousin’s photo that was absent in hers. And it was startling!

1SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

In her cousin’s picture, it looked like the ghostly figure of a person was standing far off in the background! The area of woods that the figure was standing in was too steep for hikers to climb. SlicedUpBeef and her cousin will never know for sure what exactly was lurking in the background of the picture.

7SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

SlicedUpBeef still returns to the cliff frequently, but she will always remember her cousin’s creepy photo. It’s a reminder than even among the purity of nature, freaky things can happen.

8SlicedUpBeef / Reddit

The next time you snap a bunch of pictures of your friends or family, look closely at the background afterward; you, too, might spot something startling!

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