Most experts will tell you that there’s no such thing as monsters, and if there ever were, they certainly aren’t around anymore. Well, I would say to those experts that they need to take a look at this.

Scientists recently found this enormous water-dwelling creature in a cave near Chongqing, China. Not only is it nearly five feet long and over 115 pounds, but researchers believe… it could be over 200 years old.

While exploring a cave outside Chongqing, China, scientists discovered this incredible creature.


The specimen, which is almost five feet long and weighs over 115 pounds, is believed to be over 200 years old.


As it turns out, it’s actually a giant salamander.

The largest amphibian in the world, giant salamanders are found in caves with flowing water and rocky streams. They feed primarily on crustaceans, insects, and even frogs.


Some have been found that are almost six feet long!


Incredibly, they remain effective hunters, despite being almost completely blind. Instead, they’re guided by highly sensitive nodes along their body that detect tiny vibrations and changes in the water.


They’re also one of the few creatures to feature “negligible senescence,” which means that they do not age biologically. That would explain how the specimen in Chongqing was so old.


Sadly, giant salamanders have become incredibly rare in recent years due to hunting, habitat loss, and pollution. They’re also used in traditional Chinese medicine, making them highly valuable on the black market.


This is a terrible tragedy, as these are some of the most magical creatures on earth.


They seem like they could be more closely related to dragons than anything else.


It’s amazing that creatures like this still exist on Earth. It’s just sad that they might not be here for much longer. We should all do what we can to appreciate them, and make sure they’re around for generations to come.

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