Having a child is one of the most exciting times in any person’s life. This is especially true if this person has struggled to conceive; after so many failed attempts, that little plus sign can mean everything.

That was the case for an Australian woman named Amanda and her husband, who had tried for three years to have a child. However, in the midst of what was looking to be a successful pregnancy—Amanda was 36 weeks pregnant—her husband suddenly left her.

Thankfully, a radio show in Sydney took notice of her plight and decided to step in with the most incredible idea imaginable.

For nearly three years, Amanda and her husband tried desperately to have a child. Sadly, as they were on their way to making that dream a reality, Amanda’s husband suddenly left her. She was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.


Not only that, but she was stuck with an enormous amount of debt that had previously been both of theirs to bear. Understandably, she was completely beside herself with grief and the sense of hopelessness.


When a radio station in Sydney, KIIS 1065, heard about her situation, they decided to invite Amanda and her friend Anna to the show. There, the station surprised them with an incredible gift that was about to turn things around for Amanda and her unborn child.


After arriving in the studio for a brief interview, the hosts of the show encouraged Amanda to take a look at the screen behind her. Waiting for her was something she never dreamed was possible…


Almost immediately, Amanda began to weep. What she was witnessing on the screen was almost too amazing for her to bear. Wiping away her tears, the good news just kept on flowing…


The absolute best part of what the radio station had lined up for her, however, was saved for last. Watch her reaction as they told her what it was. It’s a powerful moment…

Holy cow! Those were some seriously awesome gifts for this mom-to-be! Amanda may have been struggling, but all of that will really turn things around for her. What a special moment.

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