Your local drugstore is stocked with all sorts of medicines that promise to cure everything under the sun. But do you really want to flood your body with chemicals that you can’t even spell, let alone pronounce correctly?

Mother nature, on the other hand, has blessed generations of people with natural remedies that don’t require long list of confusing chemicals. Ginger is just one of nature’s greatest foods to help your body get back on track—and we bet you had no idea how much it can do.

1. It helps you digest.


The plucky little root speeds up digestion and empties your stomach faster.

2. It makes you feel less queasy.

Ginger, Zingiber officinale Foster Purchased 2008

From seasickness to morning sickness, ginger has you covered!

3. It soothes achy muscles.


Eat some ginger after a workout; its anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for overworked muscles.

4. It soothes arthritis.


It’s almost as good as ibuprofen for inflammation… and, of course, it’s all-natural.

5. It makes you heart-healthy!


Adding ginger to your diet can lower your sugar levels, leading to improved heart health.

It’s incredible that such an unassuming root can help with all these health issues. Now, we think we know what’s on the menu for dinner tonight…

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