Miracles can touch anyone. We read about them in the news and see stories on television of extraordinary circumstances happening to those least expecting it. In a world where most news is negative, uplifting stories are always a welcome change.

Hospitals are places that see plenty of miraculous events. Patients that have received grave news will suddenly make positive progress, or those with terminal illnesses will begin to recover out of nowhere. Sometimes, there’s just no explaining how or why it’s happening. Just ask the Smith family of the United Kingdom…

Poppy Smith, the youngest daughter of the family, suffered hypoxic brain damage on her second birthday. The family had little hope of survival after doctors evaluated her, but one day her older sister made a simple loving gesture that started to miraculously turn Poppy’s life around…

Poppy Smith, the youngest daughter of the Smith family of the United Kingdom, was born with many health-related complications.


She was dangerously premature, and when she left the hospital weighed a mere four pounds. 

tummy 2

Doctors also diagnosed her with Moebius syndrome, a disease that affects facial muscle control. It seemed like luck wasn’t ever going to be on Poppy’s side.

tummy 1

On the day of her second birthday, her parents found her lying on the ground, unresponsive. They brought her to the hospital, where they received horrific news: Poppy suffered severe brain damage from lack of oxygen, and it wasn’t likely she would survive.

tummy 3

One morning, while Poppy’s family was visiting, her older sister was looking at her still body and decided to give her a kiss on her stomach. The reaction that came immediately afterwards had both doctors and family members astonished…

tummy 4

Poppy actually started to respond to stimuli! In the days that followed, Poppy slowly started to regain normal body functions. It’s been eight weeks since her sister’s life-changing kiss, and doctors are still baffled as to how the recovery happened so quickly!

tummy 5

A story like this one gives hope to all those who are also going through a difficult time. Miracles can happen, and Poppy Smith is proof!

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