Taking pictures outdoors is almost always going to yield a beautiful result. The lighting is natural, the colors are warm and inviting, and the overall image is much more serene. Being outside has a feel to it that you just can’t capture in the confines of four walls.

But, the outdoors can also provide some unexpected surprises that may prove to be obstacles when you’re trying to capture the perfect shot. Nature has a funny way of intruding upon our special moments to cause quite the stir!

Bianca Dickinson, a mother of three from Australia, wanted to take a picture of her daughter in front a scenic meadow. But, afterwards, she never expected to see this startling visitor in the background!

The outdoors is always a great place to take pictures. The scenery, colors, and imagery are ideal conditions for taking the perfect photo. It conveys a feeling you just can’t capture staying in the confines of four walls.

cameraglo.april / Flickr

Bianca Dickinson, a mother of three from Australia, wanted to snap a photo of her youngest daughter Molly in front of a beautiful meadow. Molly was perfectly posed in front of a fence for a great picture, but there was an unexpected visitor in her midst. Can you spot him?

snakeBianca Dickinson / Facebook

An eastern brown snake had made its way into the photo! He was camouflaged to look like an old piece of piping that was laying nearby. Luckily, Bianca’s daughter wasn’t bitten, and they still got a cute picture!

snake 1Bianca Dickinson / Facebook

Eastern brown snakes are Australia’s second most venomous snake. They are the culprit of nearly 60% of deadly snake bites throughout Australia. Molly was incredibly lucky to have remained unharmed during the shoot. Next time, Bianca will be much more careful when it comes to taking that perfect photo!

snake 2John Robb / Flickr

What a scary discovery! Nature may be the most beautiful backdrop for a picture, but it can also be a frightening one!

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