As a woman, you’re taught from a young age that getting a bra is a rite of passage. The first visit you take with your mother to the department store to be measured and fitted for a bra is a memory that you’ll cherish as the years go by.

While this still may be true, there is now scientific evidence that bras may not be as great for our health as we’ve been told. Could the same bras that help lift us up and make clothes look fashionable really be hurting us?

These days, women are going braless, and for good reason. The health benefits are convincing enough to make even the most traditional of wearers hang their bras up for good!

Braless Benefit #1: You can actually get perkier breasts by going without a bra! French researchers dedicated to studying the effect of bras on a woman’s breast perkiness have concluded that wearing a bra might actually make breasts sag. Say what?! Turns out this is because the pectoral muscles that would usually fight against gravity are relaxed, and thus, lose tension over time.

braless-benefits-1Debra Ann Elliott

Braless Benefit #2: Going without a bra is actually really beneficial to your circulation. Too tight elastic bands and straps can slow down circulation to your arms and torso. Stop compressing your major blood vessels by unstrapping that bra!

Braless Benefit #3: That’s right, you heard it here first: If you stop buying bras now you can actually save a lot of money! A few dollars not spent on a new bra every few months is money you can be saving — or spending elsewhere!

braless-benefits-2Debra Ann Elliott

Braless Benefit #4: Saying bye-bye to bras could mean you get a better night’s sleep! If you sometimes fall asleep in your bra, or purposely wear one to bed, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to do that to maintain full, youthful breasts. A peer-reviewed study on the way bras affect our circadian rhythms reveal that taking them off at night is ideal.

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Braless Benefit #5: Going without a bra could mean that you see real improvement in the overall health of your breasts. Ditching your bra means less dirt and oil will be trapped on your skin. You should experience fewer breakouts, rashes, and reduced likelihood of developing a fungal infection, which is a common problem associated with wearing clothing that traps sweat against the body for an extended period of time.

Braless Benefit #6: If you go without a bra long enough you will become aware of your entire body shape changing. In the long run, the cumulative effects of going braless will do a lot to enhance your overall appearance. Rounder, fuller, perkier breasts for life? I’m in!

Braless Benefit #7: No bra, means no more discomfort caused by a bra. Even the most comfortable bras on the planet are designed to suck you in and lift you up. Sure, they give you support but that support doesn’t come without pinching, poking, or squeezing that can leave you feeling sore. / Buzzfeed

Braless Benefit #8: Still clinging to your bra for dear life? Then try this on for size: losing your bra could make your breasts one full size bigger! While your pectoral muscles are working against gravity without the aid of a bra, your silhouette will benefit. Your breast tissue will not actually grow, but stronger pectoral muscles mean a chest that appears fuller than it used to.

The benefits of going braless are significant, and it’s positively crazy that more people don’t know just how freeing and beneficial ditching your bra can be!

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